As of June 2015, over 1.4 million IOS apps were available for download from Apple. With the mobile app market well and truly saturated, it’s more important than ever for developers to focus on creating an excellent user experience as well as beautiful design. Here at Bob we have put together a list of 10 mobile apps that boast great design as well as excellent functionality.

  1. Camera Genius

This camera application blends clean design with great functionality, giving the user the capability to shift exposure and focus as well as including social media sharing possibilities.

  1. Moodswings

This app is visually appealing and allows you to track changes in mood across various times and locations. You can compare how you’re feeling to others in the neighbourhood and begin to understand the reasons for your moods.

  1. Air Dictate

This helpful app allows you to dictate to your Mac using Siri’s speech. The interface, which is largely occupied by a huge speaker, gives the app an authentic feel.

  1. Jet Lag

Using a minimal design and soft colours, the Jet Lag app allows you to input your flight and time zone information to help you combat the debilitating effects of jet lag.

  1. Memocards

A highly visual flashcard app for language learners, the design of Memocards combines useability and creativity, making learning fun.

  1. Miranda

The clean and simple interface of Miranda, an app that helps you visually find the best time zone for scheduling international meetings and calls across various time zones, is intuitive and functional.

  1. Sunrise

This beautifully designed interface for Google Calendar is a colourful and highly visual way to keep track of all your appointments and commitments.

  1. Mint

Mint is a colourful and functional tool that allows you to keep track of all of your earnings and expenses. You can categorise your outgoings according to what the funds were spent on and create graphs to give a snapshot of spending habits.

  1. Alarm Clock

The minimalist and clean interface of the Alarm Clock app was created with the vision that is easy to interact with and doesn’t repulse or shock you when it wakes you up in the morning!

  1. Taasky

Taasky is a task list app that is centred around clean and simple design and is very visually appealing. The user interface is clean and easy to use, making it easier than ever to check those items of the to-do list!

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