The fast paced world of marketing in this digital age never really slows down – and with each year that passes there are more marketing tactics to consider, more technological advancements to bear in mind and many more obstacles to success that could potentially stand in your way. However, with technological advancements and the availability of excellent marketing tools online, it’s becoming a lot easier learn where your advertising and promotion spend should be going. There are some things that brands of any any size should be aware of for the following year.


Videos that People Actually Want to Watch

Video content, especially of the viral variety, is not a new phenomenon by any means. Video has been used to advertise brands for many years, but in the months and years to come we should expect to see smarter videos that are more creative, better made, more highly targeted more in tune with what potential consumers what to see.

Native Content

With smartphones looking after a huge amount of our internet consumption, it’s no surprise to hear that content designed specifically for these devices will reign supreme in years to come. As early as next year, you can expect to see a wide range of content that’s made specifically for your smartphone and tablet – and with greater processing power and technological advancements being developed all the time – new types of content will come to the fore. Native content on smaller devices will be a lot more widespread in 2016.


We’re already seeing a good deal of personalisation on the internet, with a range of service on tablets and smartphones being customised for the individual user. This is likely to continue into the 2016, with a greater scalability and different content, advertisements and videos being designed and produced with different audience segmentations in mind.

The Internet as a Journal – Storytelling

Users want to see engaging, creative and in-depth stories online – much of which cuts through the noise and the chatter. There are already some fantastic exponents of this – namely the New York Times to name but one – but many other websites with larger budgets will be creating big content with this in mind in the coming year. Expect lots of added value within content – small interviews, stories and photo essays in a ‘journal’ style format.

Smarter Data

In 2016, brands should be aware that data, and smarter data, will begin to mean more. It will become easier, with smarter reporting and analytical tools, to extrapolate what’s needed from internet data and put this into action. There will be a range of updates to social media reporting and tools such as Google Analytics, and the focus will be put firmly in the sector of increasing consumer engagement.

This is of course a very small list of any number of possible marketing developments that could come our way. If you would like more information or find out any more about how we think the world of marketing will progress in the next year or so, contact us today.

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