One of the best sources of inspiration for designers is not only the natural world around them, but also the work of other talented designers. Whilst the internet is unarguably one of the easiest places to look for inspiration, there’s nothing quite like picking up a physical book to flip through. Coffee table books are carefully curated, very visual and are aesthetically pleasing to handle. Books have a way of working their way into our hearts and minds and designers may find the following coffee table books particularly inspiring:

Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton

A huge component of graphic design is typography and for inspiration of this kind, this book is one of the best coffee table books out there.

Milton Glaser: Graphic Design by Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is one of the most influential graphic designers of all time and is responsible for some of the most iconic design images we know so well, such as the ‘I Love New York’ logo. This book features a selection of some of his best designs as well as an insight into his process and philosophy.

Pantone: The 20th Century in Color by Leatrice Eiseman and Keith Recker

Long been considered the world’s authority on colour, a few years ago Pantone published this coffee table book that explores the colour schemes behind some of the world’s most influential pieces of art and design over the last century.

Around the World in 125 Years by Reuel Golden

This set of three beautiful books contains a collection of the best National Geographic photographs since 1888 and explores the beauty of the world around us. After all, there’s no better source of inspiration for designers than our own natural world.

The Collins Big Book of Art: From Cave Art to Pop Art by David G. Wilkins

This book is a must-purchase for designers, which sums up the most influential works of art in human history. What better source of inspiration is there than the artists that have shaped our world?

Art of the Modern Movie Poster: International Postwar Style and Design by Judith Salavetz, Spencer Drate and Sam Sarowitz

Film is one of the most widely consumed mediums for design. This book is a lengthy 516 pages and features some of the most iconic movie posters from around the world as well as a huge selection of tips and best practices.

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