6 reasons why Graphic Design is important to your business

Graphics are an undeniable part of our everyday life. Graphic design is present in books, posters, websites, newspapers, branding, etc. It is the visual representation and face of your business, attracting customers to your brand if done well or equally driving them away and into the welcoming arms of your competitors if done poorly. Graphic design creates a mental positioning in customers minds and that’s why it is so crucial to people’s everyday lives.

In era of endless Social Media, Advertising and generally constant visual noise, the need to stand out becomes increasingly valuable to your businesses and graphic design is a great way to leverage this. Successful businesses appreciate and understand the value of high-quality design.

Businesses who don’t take design seriously, run the risk of being lost in the shuffle, or not taken seriously by potential customers. In this article, we will try to explain why using design to stand out from your competitors is vital. A huge percentage of individuals remember what they see far better than what they read or hear, so enlisting the skills of a quality graphic designer is a crucial step in the process of establishing a successful business.

To illustrate the the importance of high-quality graphic design, we’ve listed 6 key benefits below:

1) It can help to Increase profits

• The average design investment will multiply the turnover by 2.25 when compared with the invested resources (UK Design Council)• The design value index shows a 228% increase in value for listed companies rated as design led (US Design Management Institute)• In Denmark, companies investing in design gained a growth 22% greater than companies that didn't invest (designbusinesscouncil.com)

We'll start with the big one. When it comes down to it, we’re all in business to make a profit right? So there you have it, wherever you are in the world, the likelihood is if you choose a good designer, you’ll get a solid return on your investment and will see that reflected in your bottom line.

As you can see from the graph above, it is no coincidence that all of these design led businesses are behemoths in their own particular industries.Also, consider the cost of NOT investing in design. If you ignore the design needs of your business, it can negatively impact both employees and customers, which, in its turn, could result in lower profits. People begin to form the impression that your business either can’t afford a solid design, or just doesn't care enough, which in turn will cast an unfavourable light on your company. Hence, investing in graphic design can save you money in the long run.

2) It provides the platform to make a great first impression

A potential customer will make a judgement on a company in just a few seconds based on visual impression alone. Great graphic design provides instant credibility and makes a lasting impression - and that is priceless. Make a bad first impression, and selling your products or services becomes an infinitely more difficult task. As the saying goes “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

3) Great design can influence purchasing decisions

Effective graphic design should persuade and entice. Done well, design can deliver great results for companies. Just as a great book compels you to keep reading, a smartly crafted design can influence potential clients to take positive action and makes it easier for them to say yes to buying your product or services.

4) Creativity = Standout

• Customers with an unpleasant experience on your website are 88% less likely to return. (Adobe)

All businesses face competition, especially the smaller ones. Creativity, even on a budget, can become the great equaliser and help even the smallest of companies stand out from the crowd and demand attention. Used effectively, graphic design is an tool that can make any business appear outstanding and unique.

You’re in a marketplace competing against lots of other companies selling similar products or services (aren’t we all?), how do you create standout? How do you establish your own distinguished tone, style, and identity so that people recognise your company and find comfort that you offer what they want? This is where design comes in.

Take companies like Nike and Adidas. Two companies with similar ranges of products and the same potential customer base. When a customer goes to a sports store, the brain takes less than a second to identify and be drawn to these brands compared to say New Balance for example. Not to say New Balance is necessarily inferior, but these logos have meanings and connotations, they conjure emotions and purchasing impulses and this in part due to the effect of good design. Graphic design becomes a connection between your brand and your clients and prospects, and helps them identify you among hundreds or thousands of others.

5) Good design can increase brand recognition

Graphic design can help create brand consistency across every customer-facing touchpoint that a company has. In turn, this helps the business become memorable and easy recognisable. Remember, consistency means professionalism, and professionalism means you’re seen as being reliable and customers will always return to a reliable supplier.

We’ve all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” and yes its probably become a little clichéd, but its undeniably true. For example, The Apple logo. You see it on your iPhone, your Airpods, your iPad, MacBook, your Apple watch, on the TV ads, its everywhere. Just an Apple, no words, no name, no sign of a mission or value statement, not even a tagline, yet its the world’s most valuable brand and we all instinctively know what it stands for. Innovation (think back to the Think Different ads of the 80s), design led, high quality, expensive, fashionable, desirable, easy to use. Of course a multi-million dollar advertising budget does little harm, but these values have become intrinsically linked to the company through its use of graphic design over the years. Begin to think in those terms and it quickly becomes apparent, that when it comes to promoting your business, the design comes first. We’re visual people, first impressions count, look good and the design will speak louder, clearer, and better than words ever could.

6) It can bring your workforce together and provide unity

Not so much of a direct financial benefit, more indirect, but no less important. Good graphic design can strengthen the sense of commitment of the staff and create a sense of unity and direction in your team. As your business identity begins to form, your team should become committed to your brand. Benefits to your business can include increased motivation and productivity.

So, to summarise...

Put simply, graphic design makes your company look good. The graphics help to draw people to the product or service you offer. It can help you to communicate better with your target audience and increase your sales. Bob’s experienced design experts have each been in the industry over 20 years and with that experience are perfectly placed with the knowledge and experience to provide your company with great graphic design which can really give your whole company a boost.

If this resonates with the issues you're experiencing, then you might want to consider an overhaul of your marketing materials. Here are a few things that you should consider about where to go from here…

Identify your touchpoints

Where do your customers come into contact with your marketing materials? concentrate on making these as compelling and professional as can be.

Get a professional

Invest in a great designer and you will see the returns, the research is there, design can make a big contribution to your business and its profits.

Generate a buzz

Don’t shock your customers, get your existing customers engaged with the new website. Consider an exclusive offer to get users excited about your changes.


Use Analytics to put visitor information and trends at your fingertips, remember your website should be constantly growing, evolving and iterating.

Is it time to be bold and hire a new graphic designer?

There are many reasons to consider investing in graphic design, and many opportunities and benefits to be had by creating something memorable and engaging. Every business has different requirements and there are a number of different approaches you can take to gain the desired results. If you are considering hiring a new graphic designer, why not speak to one of our experts on 0117 973 9326 or complete the form below.