In today’s day and age, blog writing is an important marketing asset for brands and many companies now have a blog section on their websites. Generate more leads with your blog posts by avoiding these common blog writing mistakes:


1. Creating a daily output of content

Even if you could keep up a schedule of posting valuable, high quality and engaging content every day, which is very demanding, it is not ideal to publish every single day. If you’re sharing these posts via social media, it’s not a good idea to continuously bombard your followers.

2. Not sharing your posts

Social media sharing is vital in attracting traffic to your blog. Even if the blog post you have published is of exceptional value, you can’t expect people to visit your website it if they don’t know about it!

3.Publishing unedited content

One of the highest priorities in online publishing is to project a professional image. Blog writing does not just involve the writing component; it also includes the editing stage. Be sure to allow adequate time to proofread and edit the content you are going to publish to make sure it is error free.

4. The message is complex

These days in the fast-paced online world, people’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. If your message is too complex, long-winded or difficult to follow, readers will lost patience and leave your site. Keep your message simple and you will keep readers for longer.

5. Your target audience is unclear

When you don’t understand who your target audience is, your blog posts can risk becoming generic and stale. Instead, learn about the demographic of people that are coming to your website and write with them specifically in mind.

6. Your content is unoriginal

If readers can find the same content elsewhere on the web, why would they come to your site? It is important to offer readers something unique and valuable or a topic that has a new angle that they can’t find elsewhere.

7. Visuals are lacking

Readers love to see bright, colourful and visual images, infographics or diagrams that accompany an article. If your blog post lacks any kind of visual content, readers are unlikely to remain attentive. If you are using images that are not original, be sure to check the copyright information beforehand to ensure that you don’t infringe.

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