By using hashtags for your company over different social platforms, you can initiate conversation, build brand identity and harness support. Developing a strong hashtag strategy isn’t as hard as you might think, and by getting it right can play an important role in your social media success. These seven tips will help you to deliver a targeted, clear message to your consumers to help get your business noticed.


Establish your Vision

What do you want your company to be known for? Think carefully about the niche, how you want to be represented or best be known for on social media. Consider a solid marketing message and narrative, which can be told through social media and reflects your companies brand values. By telling a story you create a more human connection between you and the user.

Research Your Hashtags

There is nothing more embarrassing on social media, than a brand that hasn’t done their research around a hashtag – which can result in some dire and sometimes hilarious consequences. Ensure you use the correct spellings (or you won’t trend at all)!, that the hashtags aren’t already being used and that they aren’t associated with something completely unrelated to your company.

Consistency is Key

There is no point implementing a strategy, if you are not going to put the time or effort in to make it work. The more you encourage the use of the hashtag, the more engagement you will generate for the company. So stay active and you will see results!

Don’t Overdo It

It may be tempting to throw in lots of hashtags to your campaign in order to get your company’s message across and get noticed. But be careful! Having too many can be detrimental your user engagement and you risk confusing your intended market.

Trending Hashtags

By jumping on the hashtag trending bandwagon, can help you to engage further by networking with others who have the same interests as your company. You can also use trending hashtags to demonstrate that your company has a personality or a sense of humour.

Get Physical

Use your hashtags on everything – as mentioned before consistency is key and this includes physical items. Consider using the hashtags across all forms of non-digital advertisements, such as t-shirts, magazines, TV adverts or outdoor promotions. Remember it is all about creating conversation, so the more that people are made aware of your hashtag, the more they will engage and interact with it.

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