The world of advertising might have changed, but the impact that print advertising has on the consumer is still to this day not to be underestimated. Print still forms a huge part of advertising and marketing – one only has to flip through any magazine or newspaper to see how much money big brands are committing to print in order to get themselves in front of as many potential customers as possible.

At MeetBob we have a good deal of experience and expertise in print marketing, and can help guide any business or brand through the process of getting maximum impact from print advertising strategies. With this in mind, this blog post will look at some inspirational and forward thinking print advertising campaigns from the last 10 years – and look at what brands today can learn from putting things in print.


Ikea always commit themselves to simple, effective print advertising campaigns that align themselves strongly to the look and feel of their brand message. They are playful, minimal and simple – and raise a smile – always something to remember when putting together a print advertising campaign.



Volkswagan’s print adverts, as well as their television marketing campaigns, are always spot on. The key here is finding the right message that appeals to their target market. Volkswagan cars are safe, reliable and relatively conservative – so twinning this with simple statements that don’t need much explanation has worked really well for them.


Mom’s Demand Action

This is now a famous image – and goes to show the gravitas and impact that print advertising can evoke. Featuring people in print advertising automatically introduces an empathetic and human element, and when the message is cleverly delivered, it can stay long in the memory


Print advertising giants Ogilvy & Mather – and larger advertising agencies in general – still create some of the most memorable and creative print adverts out there. This campaign for Expedia used airport IATA codes – the ones you find on baggage labels – to great effect to spell out words people associate with travelling and going abroad.



The German arm of General Motors, Opel, put together this simple but incredibly effective advert reaffirming the dangers of using your mobile phone when you are driving. Sometimes advertising campaigns don’t need to be riddles or overly creative – sometimes that can just state the obvious really well.



Nike’s print adverts emphasise the need to create a strong, striking visual in your print adverts and have the ability to make it your own. Nike is well known for this style – sometimes a print advert just has to look amazing.

Harley Davidson

Placing historical anecdotes within your print advertising is a good way to generate interest and teach people something they may not know. It’s especially good when it’s about matters that can touch people. This Harley Davidson advert does this remarkably stylishly.



Sometimes a tag line combined with a striking image can make a huge difference to the way people see your brand. This effective advert by Jeep, twinned with the tag time ‘see whatever you want to see’ perfectly sums up their ethos. The animals become different if the image is flipped.

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