Creating a business website is vital in today’s business environment. But how can you ensure that you’ll receive the customer response you’re looking for? Your website homepage is the first thing that your customers will see, so it’s vital that you include all the necessary features in a clear and effective layout to guarantee that your business is fully represented in an engaging way.

Here are 8 critical features that an effective, and high-quality website homepage needs.

1.     Brand representation

Your website is presenting your business to potential audiences, so your brand identity should be clearly displayed on the homepage. Continuity is key in effective branding and marketing, to ensure that your logo is included and that your colour scheme is in place.

2.     High-quality images and video

Sometimes people can find it difficult to scroll through a webpage that is full of text, which is why it’s important to have a range of high-quality images or videos throughout. This offers another excellent way to present what it is your business does.

Free stock images are easily available, and normally of good quality, however, they can sometimes look staged and a little cheesy. If possible, have your own photos taken that capture emotion and encourage viewers to act.

3.     Overview of products, features and services.

Any company homepage should provide an overview of the products, features, and services, provided. This additional detail is a valuable tool for increasing search engine rankings, so ensure to include important and related keywords.

This is also the time to highlight why customers should choose to buy your products, or work with you, so providing a brief proposition of value is advised.

4.     Testimonials

If a customer has taken the time to write a rave review about your company and services, this should be worn like a badge of honour on your homepage. Providing an image of the client (if they allow it), with an extract from their testimonial provides evidence to potential customers of the quality of your work. You can then add a link to a dedicated testimonial page, which will include additional and more extensive customer reviews.

5.     Clear navigation

A cluttered homepage can be a real eye-sore, and is a nightmare to navigate! If your clients struggle to find what they’re looking for, it’s likely they’ll move on to a different website and company. A clean and simple layout will ensure that all the necessary information is included. When working with a qualified website designer they will have the knowledge and creative insight to create a clean, clear, and easy-to-navigate page.

6.     Links to content and social platforms

Online presence is an important factor in business nowadays, which expands far beyond a website. By adding links to your social media pages on your homepage, customers will feel encouraged to follow you, which will ensure they are kept up to date with the latest news, offers, and events.

Providing links to additional content that you’ve created is also advised, such as a blog, e-books, or white pages.

7.     Certifications and contact information

Are you an accredited company? Displaying these accreditations will inform potential customers that you are a trusted company that complies with important regulations and national standards.

Your contact information should also be clearly displayed in multiple areas on your homepage.

8.     Call to action

A call to action could be as simple as a ‘click here, ‘buy now’ link, or an encouragement to sign up to a newsletter. Having these dotted around your homepage will allow customers to easily engage with the page, and is a vital advertising tool for any webpage.

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