Marketing can be a tricky task to get your head around. But it’s a vital, and ever-changing tool to build and maintain in your business. If you don’t keep up with marketing developments, or fail to embrace key aspects of this business tool, your business could fade into the background. To prevent this from happening, we’ve highlighted 8 key marketing ‘mantras’ that could be damaging to your business.

1. “Marketing is all about the sales.”

It’s true that an effective marketing campaign could have a significant impact on your business sales. You must make sure, however, that there is a harmonious balance between the work of your sales and marketing team, to effectively drive traffic to your business web page, and increase potential sales.

2. “The marketing makes the brand.”

Once again, a healthy balance is required to create and establish your brand fully. A marketing team can help to create logos, taglines and material that appeal to your viewers. If this isn’t backed up by positive customer feedback, however, your business may fail to engage new clients. Highlighting the experiences of your customers will improve your credibility, and establish your brand.

3. “Content, Content, Content”

It’s fair to say that content is important in increasing customer interest in your business. There is so much more to your marketing strategy than continuously producing articles and printed literature, however, so it’s best not to rely on this entirely. The effective use of social media, email marketing, and website design are also vital in driving traffic to your web page, so make sure to make the most of these tools.

4. “A great website is all my business needs.”

Just because you have an online presence, doesn’t mean that you are instantly visible online. You need to put yourself out there to build interest in your products or services and attract customers. If you don’t, you could lose a large amount of business to competitors that are taking advantage of all that the internet has to offer.

5. “Networking is unnecessary.”

Networking is the bread and butter of marketing and is still an extremely effective way to get the word out about your business in spite of the growing reliance on the internet. Even if you don’t feel comfortable speaking at a conference, attending one is imperative. The connections you make could have a significant impact on the future success of your business.

6. “Social media doesn’t suit my industry.”

No matter the industry that you work in, maintaining a strong profile across multiple social media platforms will expand your business to a range of new customers and provide a great opportunity to share important information about offers, and business events.

7. “My client base is strong enough.”

Let’s face it, in business you can never have too many clients on board. The more client interest you have in your business, the more work you will be doing. The more work you do, the more profitable your business will be. Need we say more?

8. “I need an in-house marketing team.”

Having your own marketing team on hand is convenient, particularly if you’re looking to implement a new and important strategy to your business. This can be extremely costly, however, and will use up valuable time and resources as you look to recruit and train your team. An outsourced marketing agency could save you a lot of money, and collaborate with you to create and implement a variety of marketing tools dependent on your business needs.

To avoid falling foul to any of these mistaken marketing mantras, contact  Bob Design and Marketing today. We have the marketing knowledge and creative expertise to produce effective and engaging marketing tools for your business, website and graphic design to content and overall brand development.

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