The team, based at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, have pioneered a new set of working standards called ‘Quality Patient Discharge’. The new standards are concerned with improving the availability of advice, information and guidance once a patient leaves hospital. The aim is to empower the patient, or in some cases a carer, with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions for them once they’ve left hospital and as they recover.

The new brand is needed to communicate the benefits of the new working methods to three key audiences: patients and carers; GPs and practices; and other hospital units and centres. Since our initial brand development sessions with the team at Southmead Hospital, we’ve been focused on the key themes of ‘Inform’, Empower’ and ‘Succeed’. We’ve taken the idea of ‘threes’ and developed a target device which embodies the concepts of ‘standards’ and ‘aims’ and which, naturally, is made up of three parts. The basic target idea has been further developed so that it also reads as an uppercase ‘Q’ letter form, to reflect the name of the new initiative.

Now the brand identity is in place, we’ll be working with the team to develop marketing materials to promote Quality Patient Discharge. Each audience requires slightly different information from the brand, so the designs we have planned will be sufficiently adaptable to work for them all. For patients and carers we need to explain how Quality Patient Discharge works and how it will help them. For medical professionals and other units and centres we need to encourage uptake of the new working methods to start benefiting patients throughout the UK.

We’re looking forward to working further with the team at Southmead to bring the marketing collateral to life. We’ll have more for you to see soon.

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