Are you looking to improve your social media engagement and connect further with your Facebook followers? Well Facebook Live video streaming could be the answer! The rapid growth of apps such as Snapchat and Periscope inspired Facebook to join in with the on-the-spot video streaming trend as it was clear from the rise in popularity, that users want better access to brands and highly value integrated video content. Here at Bob, we have put together a simple guide to help your company, if you wish to harness this new communication tool.


Tell your Facebook followers

Build excitement by letting your fans of your company know when you’ll be broadcasting live. Not only should you tell your Facebook following, but also the rest of your social communities for optimal exposure. Let them know exactly what you are going to publish, the exact time and use a compelling description to capture the potential viewers’ attention. In the description, try to use trending hashtags of the day, as this will help to get your message even further.

Engage with the viewers

Plan the content and set up of your live stream in advance, as no one wants to see long awkward pauses or dodgy camera angles. You need to make sure you can get the balance right between being stimulating and staying live long enough to build a decent sized audience. To create an adequate engagement, you could address topics of the day that your target audience would be interested in. Another way brands use the live video tool is by enlisting the help of  a celebrity to promote their brand. Even if the content has the potential to be dry because of the nature of the product, the high profile names are often enough to guarantee a big audience – think car insurance and Iggy Pop!

Broadcast the video for a long period of time

Some of the most successful shared videos on Facebook usually last around 60 seconds, but with live video it is best to have the stream lasting for as long as possible, to increase the rate of engagement and success. This is because the longer your video is streaming, the more likely viewers will discover and share the video with their friends.

Encourage the viewers to subscribe and participate

Remind viewers to subscribe to your feed by telling them to tap on the subscribe button whilst you are streaming. This will help to ensure that you will have viewers next time and they can receive future updates and notifications on your company. Try to also encourage them to leave comments as this will make the live video rank higher on the news feed.

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