We’re pleased to announce we’ve just completed our first project with the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) to produce their annual report for 2019. SAERI undertakes scientific work in the South Atlantic from the tropics down to the ice in Antarctica. It aims to conduct world class research, teach students, and further learning about the environment in the South Atlantic Overseas Territories.

Having spoken to the client and read early drafts of the content we decided to design the report as three different sized sections: about SAERI, their work and the year’s finances. These sections are bonded together to form a single report, or can be used separately when SAERI requires giving them a really useful multi use document that can act as a standalone brochure over the coming year when presented without the financial figures.

Luckily for us, SAERI operates in some beautiful areas of globe so we had access to a whole library of images featuring stunning landscapes and captivating wildlife. We decided to use a glossier paper for the central projects section to best showcase this photography.

SAERI is delighted with the new report, some copies of which have just been taken to their base on the Falkland Islands for use at the AGM and other forthcoming meetings.

We’ll be starting work on further projects with SAERI shortly and we’ll let tell you all about them in a full case study as soon as we can.

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