From the Archive: Colston's Girls' School

Colston’s Girls’ School is one of the finest schools for girls in Bristol. It was established in 1891 and for most of that time has been an independent school. We worked with the school at a crucial period in their history as they moved from the independent sector and adopted academy status to refresh their brand identity to ensure it was right for the exciting years ahead.

Introducing an outstanding new school.

We quickly identified that the school was transitioning to academy status with a recent ‘outstanding’ Ofsted report. We reasoned this was the perfect opportunity to build the newly refreshed brand identity around this central theme of ‘outstanding’, presenting the school to all prospective parents as a truly superlative option to be considering for their daughter.

We spent time considering the core elements of the brand identity, such as the badge and incorporated new typography and the strap line ‘Simply outstanding’ with the existing school crest to balance the school’s past and present. We also developed hero images combining pupils with colourful iconography in playful ways to promote open days and illustrate prospectuses, advertising and booklets.

Extending the brand.

With the success of their academy status assured, CGS next approached us to brand their new primary school venture – The Dolphin School. This was sited next door to the main school and provided a natural stepping stone on its ambitious path towards becoming a trust with multiple academies.

For the new school identity we took inspiration from Colston’s main brand. We isolated a section of the existing badge which featured two stylised dolphins and arranged them in a new crest. New typography was added to reflect the main school identity while an additional colour palette provided a degree of personality more suited to the primary school market.

“Bob greatly impressed us with their ideas and enthusiasm in their presentation. Their work has been of great benefit in communicating our values and setting out our ambitions as we transitioned to academy status.”

Principal, Colston’s Girls’ School