From the Archive: Enterprise M3

Enterprise M3 is a local enterprise partnership, responsible for driving the economic growth of the M3 corridor area by working with businesses, key delivery partners and central government. They bring people, business, public and not-for-profit sectors together to make Enterprise M3 the place to do business. Bob has worked with Enterprise M3 to create a number of corporate materials such as annual reports and specific brand identities for key projects. We have also established a brand style for Enterprise M3 which informs all their marketing communications with a particular emphasis on infographics.

An annual report with a difference

We’ve worked with Enterprise M3 closely on their annual report for a number of years. The emphasis of any annual report is often on dense slabs of copy and complex data. Enterprise M3 was keen to make a break with this style and establish a more visual and engaging format.

We worked with Enterprise M3 to condense as many sections of content into bite size facts or statistics as possible. These then formed the basis of a series of infographics which opened each section and drew the reader into the piece without having to leap straight into the text. This also allowed us to reduce the overall word count and create a more engaging and informative report.

We’ve also developed stand alone infographics to explain individual initiatives such as their Strategy for Growth or to highlight the various aspects which make up the regional digital economy.

"Thank you so much. It has been fantastic working with Bob. As usual, they seem to have been mind readers. The design looks stunning  in particular the infographics."

Strategic Communications & Projects Manager, Enterprise M3

A new brand for a new enterprise

Enterprise M3 approached us to develop a new brand identity for their EZ3 initiative, a multi-site enterprise zone comprising Basing View, Longcross and Whitehill & Bordon.

We investigated the concept with Enterprise M3 and concluded we should position the new identity to closely reflect the Enterprise M3 brand. The EZ3 enterprise zone comprised three areas with their own visual identities and these would prove difficult to distill into a coherent visual style for the umbrella brand. By creating a brand identity with a visual link to Enterprise M3 we were able to leverage existing awareness within the local business community.

Our solution took elements of the infographic cog and wheel devices used elsewhere for Enterprise M3 combined with a reduced version of the colour palette and new, distinctive typography.