From the Archive: Innovate 2 Succeed

Innovate2Succeed is an intensive coaching programme designed to stimulate innovation in business. The programme supports high growth businesses wanting to introduce new technologies or processes to their business or those wishing to launch new products and services to their customers and markets.

Informing through infographics.

We were approached to help their innovation specialists in creating a piece of marketing collateral as a leave behind when they go to visit these high growth businesses that would provide an overview of the analysis and strategic support available to them. The brochure uses a theme of childhood dreams as a visual metaphor – the young boy with his wooden and cardboard jetpack symbolising the high growth companies with dreams of making it big. These images are interspersed with infographics which help to explain various processes more easily. The innovation specialists have found the brochure to be a useful tool and it has been in high demand, being reprinted less than a month after its launch. The brochure makes use of 2 interesting infographics, the first explains how the programme works, using a visual representation of cogs fitting together to create the proverbial well oiled machine. The second illustrates the ‘innovation journey with a road winding its way through various stops along the way.

"The brochures look great, the infographics really stand out and the spot UV varnish really enhances the overall aesthetic. I’m sure they’ll prove a great resource for the advisers."

Marketing Manager, Business West


We produced these luxurious Moleskine notebooks to give clients who sign up for the innovate2succeed programme. The notebooks feature black Moleskine covers with silver foil blocked logos on the front and back covers. They have proved a useful tool to the participants.