From the Archive: Piercefield Oliver

Piercefield Oliver is a financial planning company with a vision – to help people to realise their life’s ambitions and move beyond simply coping with their short-term financial responsibilities. They help people see their wealth as the key to a life that is planned for and continues to evolve over time – as lives tend to. We were excited to be given the opportunity to work with them to deliver an online presence that truly reflected the brand values and ethos. The Instagram-style images tell a personal story which effectively sells Piercefield Oliver’s offering in an original and eye-catching way. The new website and messaging has really resonated with their target audience and helped to generate a sharp upturn in new business.

"Our new website by bob has helped greatly to promote our growing business, and our values and ethos as financial planners. It is an excellent marketing tool for our firm and we are proud of it!"

Director, Piercefield Oliver

Creating a brand from just a logo

We have helped Piercefield Oliver to take their existing logo and turn it into a lifestyle brand with an emotive connection to their audience. Rather than follow the rather cold and functional brand offering that many financial service companies use, we have helped to connect with personal experience and align with the way that Piercefield Oliver look to help people achieve their life aims through sound financial planning. The use of ‘Instagram style’ imagery has helped to give the marketing collateral we’ve created a human face that plays on life experiences that we readily identify with. Paired with touching copy such as ‘making wealth work’ and ‘keeping our promises’ we feel that the brand helps to position Piercefield as credible, reliable, helpful and human which really helps them to stand out in the financial services industry.

Making financial planning a family affair

Piercefield Oliver have a rather unique offering in the UK – their Premium Family Office service. The problem being that it is also one of their best kept secrets. Several of their existing clients use the service, but there is little collateral for marketing this key offering to new clients. We were asked to help rectify this, by helping to distill the key elements of the service into a coherent marketing message for both clients and also to professional colleagues such as Solicitors and Accountants. Our copywriter created a piece of benefits driven copy that could form the basis of a brochure and web page that could be used to drive enquiries and ultimately new clients to them.

We then created a visual language for the service based around images of a happy family being united and linked in their goals and life and set out this offering into 2 short sales brochures – one client facing and one using slightly different language for the professional influencers.The brochures have proved invaluable to opening up new clients and revenue streams as they form a tangible offering rather than being a bunch of services that they could talk around in general and shows the benefit of using marketing to create a tangible ‘wrapper’ around an organisation’s services in order that their clients can fully understand and buy into the offering.