From the Archive: TFA

We were approached by Tristan Fitzgerald Associates (TFA) with a brief to help them be more consistent in their marketing efforts across both print and web channels. From confusion and inconsistency in how they refer to themselves (TFA vs Tristan Fitzgerald Associates) to marketing materials that were a little dated and failing to connect with the desired audience, the need was there for an impartial appraisal of the branding and a visual revamp to help better position TFA as a leader in their industry and that is where we came in.

Website redesign

Once the brand name had been resolved to TFA rather than Tristan Fitzgerald Associates and the brand tidied up to reflect this change and rolled out to stationery and signage, the next task was in updating the website which tends to be the first point of call for any potential clients and key in establishing credibility and experience.

The new website was completely redesigned from the ground up, with increased focus on showcasing the positive results that TFA have achieved for their clients, profiling the types of organisations that they work with and detailing the types of projects that they have undertaken. Focus is also given to the key members of the TFA team and the team members have written several whitepapers and thought pieces, housed in an insights page that are available to download as PDF files. We were also involved in creating the design style for these insight pieces and setting out the documents.

The new website features an increase in calls to action in order to place the appropriate focus on the site being an important lead generation tool for TFA.

"Many thanks for all your hard work and time you put in to get our website ready and launched so quickly. We are exceptionally pleased with the results and are getting very positive feedback about it."

Chief Executive, TFA