From the archive: Willow & Hall

Willow & Hall is an online retailer specialising in quality, British made sofas and furniture with a focus on craftsmanship and customisation. Bob worked with Willow & Hall from its early beginnings to develop an initial concept into a fully realised brand identity and then on to see it become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies.

Getting the word out there.

All brands need presence and we delivered a series of customer touch points to build brand equity and encourage sales. Firstly, press advertising engaged the target market with hero photography of popular models. A product brochure, called ‘Your Cosy Catalogue’ acted as a potential follow up piece.

We faced an interesting challenge with how to mail fabric samples. This is a crucial stage in the buying journey with the potential for a high percentage of drop out as savvy customers seek swatches from multiple companies. We were also asked to ensure the pack was a one piece item to reduce waste and ease the time involved in packing and mailing. We created a pack with mini guides to engage the customer and entice them to return to the site. We also included a complimentary, luxury brand tea bag to playfully encourage the customer to fully explore the contents at their leisure.

Central to the Willow & Hall brand identity is a homely, illustrated style and we developed brand assets to bring the content to life, explain how products work and provide the brand with an informal yet select personality. The office dog even became a key asset in the visual style, regularly making an appearance in illustrated form.

Online sales to showroom success.

We worked very closely with Willow & Hall to design the flow of the site and ensure the customer stayed engaged at each point. We carefully tested and revised the product page structures, created online guides to provide useful, intuitive information and imaginatively told the brand story and values to inspire and delight the reader. Initial sales success and brand awareness has seen Willow & Hall go from strength to strength. From relatively humble online beginnings the company now boats a physical showroom in prestigious Chiswick High Street, opening up a new sales channel and even to allow regular online customers to experience the products for themselves.

"Bob helped Willow & Hall become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies by engaging our target audience with our beautifully designed catalogues and packs. It’s helped drive an increase in sales and growth through great storytelling and imaginative branding."

Managing Director, Willow & Hall

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