Longtime client BES Healthcare had a new marketing campaign that they needed help to create an identity for. The campaign empowers clinicians to make better clinical decisions that prevent harm in relation to mobility and pressure care.

The background behind this is that the privatisation of aspects of the NHS has led to the commodification of healthcare equipment. This brings cheaper products into the market through lazy procurement. As a result, good-quality products that meet standards are often overlooked as the price is prioritised over safety and quality.

This campaign looks to challenge the industry norm and empower clinicians to change them. BES is working with various charities, manufacturers and clinical organisations to push this message forward. They also plan to work with MPs and parliamentary groups in the future.

We created a bold and impactful brand to reflect this critical issue – after all, vulnerable people’s health and safety are at risk. The branding makes visual reference to the Wong-Baker pain scale. This is instantly recognisable to clinicians and provides context that this campaign is about the reduction of pain and harm. The red symbolises the danger element and the letter O’s are turned into faces from the Wong baker pain scale.

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