In partnership with longtime client BES Healthcare we’ve recently helped them launch a new catalogue promoting their Air Management products.

The catalogue addresses the uncertainty around infection spreading when people begin returning to the workplace following the COVID Pandemic. BES has curated a range of the best products that have been evaluated for their efficiency and performance. The catalogue outlines the reasons why you should consider using an air management system, namely: To keep your staff, visitors, customers, patients or clients as safe as possible; reduce the risk and impact of infectious diseases; enable a safe and comfortable return to work; and to remove contaminants in the air, such as infectious organisms (viruses, bacteria), allergens (such as pollen), pollutants, odours.

In the manner that we work with many of our clients, we lent a helping hand to the overloaded in-house marketing team. This extra boost to capacity enabled them to bring this to market quicker. We stepped in seamlessly to take the project to completion with a minimum of fuss. This allows them to simultaneously concentrate on other projects and be more efficient. This is one of the things our clients really value about their relationship with Bob. We are a safe pair of hands, agile and flexible and able to quickly get into their mindset.


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