Here at Bob, we love developing and implementing new brands. But sometimes a client comes to us with a new brand already in place and they are turning to us to help bring that brand to life. One such recent example is Bible Society. We’ve had the great privilege to work with Bible Society for a number of years, so when they completed their new brand development process we were in the perfect position to help them implement the new style.

The Task:
Bible Society approached us with three internal welcome guides for their Swindon headquarters, London office and heritage visitor centre, Mary Jones World in North Wales. The guides are used to on-board new staff members and set out a raft of helpful information including the history of Bible Society, their culture and values and more in a helpful guide the user can keep for reference.

Our task was to take the old documents and apply the new brand and associated assets to create a new series of guides for the coming years. The new brand was comprehensively different to the previous design so the guides required a complete re-design. We carefully considered and responded to the brand guidelines to craft a new set of guides that reflects the Bible Society brand perfectly. For example, we selected three colours from Bible Society’s new colour palette to colour code the three guides and created a set of new icons to punctuate the document information based on rules set out in the brand guidelines.

We’re pleased to be able to say the guides are now being rolled out to new employees and it’s certainly satisfying to be able to help shape a new brand as it begins to embed itself within the organisation. Here’s to the next Bible Society project.

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