Why branding is critical to success

10th February 2017

When starting a business, it is vital to think about your brand. Your brand is not restricted to just your logo or graphic design, it is about the experience your customers have and how they perceive you. If you think about the products you use, there is a reason you will choose one over the

What is graphic design important for business?

6th February 2017

If you’re a small business and currently reviewing your marketing plan for the year ahead, you might be wondering why it’s necessary to invest in graphic design. After all, isn’t your marketing budget better spent elsewhere with an immediate return? The fact is, graphic design is the key to creating a coherent and impactful brand

The essentials for your brand guidelines

31st January 2017

Whether you call it your business brand bible, brand style guidelines or branding book, every company should have a document which defines exactly how their brand is used and replicated. This is an essential aspect of brand marketing and will ensure that the brand identity is used consistently and to best effect across every channel

How a graphic designer can help you to rebrand

25th January 2017

If you’re considering a company rebrand, then it makes sense to use a professional graphic designer. But before you commission a freelancer or graphic design agency in Bristol to do the job, what can you expect them to help you with? Professional design A graphic designer will carry out your brand development in a professional

Promoting your brand with print

17th January 2017

In the digital age printed materials are often dismissed in favour of real-time communication. Yet digital and print work really well together. To prove it we are busting the myths that suggest print is outdated, giving you tips on how to promote your brand in hard copy. Myth 1 – People don’t want hard copies