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Bloor Homes

We recently teamed up with Planning consultants Bluefox to support them in the planning process for a development of new houses for their client Bloor Homes.

Brand Strategy: its vital role and why your business should Invest in it

In a world full of choices, with countless products and services vying for our attention, standing out is no longer just a competitive advantage — it's a necessity. This is where brand strategy becomes important as the driving force behind a company's identity, messaging, and market positioning. Focusing that stand out and channeling it in the most appropriate ways for your business. But what exactly is brand strategy, and why should you invest in it?

Innovate UK GBIP Booklets

We're delighted to have been continuing to work with Innovate UK and Business West to produce the accompanying guidebooks to their Global Business In Partnership Programme (GBIP) Events.

Tigerplay Residential Brochure

We're delighted to continue our partnership with Children's play area designers Tigerplay to design and deliver their new Residential Lookbook, featuring flagship projects they've produced for installation in client's homes.

Print Design: Sustainable Communications in a Digital World

In a world where digital is omnipresent, can print design play a more sustainable part in your brand's marketing strategy?

10 Environmentally Friendly Practices in Graphic Design and Printing

In today's world, sustainability is more important than ever. As graphic designers, we have a unique opportunity to contribute to a greener planet through our work. By adopting environmentally friendly practices, we can reduce our ecological footprint and create designs that inspire positive change. In this article, we'll explore ten eco-conscious practices that can be seamlessly integrated into your graphic design workflow.

Enhancing B2B Marketing Strategies with Graphic Design Excellence

In the dynamic landscape of business-to-business (B2B) marketing, the role of graphic design has evolved from decoration to a strategic tool for enhancing communication, engagement, and brand perception.

New website for Taylor Wimpey/Persimmon housing development in Didcot

Valley Park is a joint development by Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes, providing a vibrant, exciting, high quality residential-led development for the rapidly-expanding workforce employed in Science Vale UK.

Wisen SEN monitoring

Bob Design & Marketing has just finished work on a new brand identity for Wisen SEN Mentoring.

Understanding the Essence: Brand vs Logo

We all know what a logo is – we see them every day. But how is a logo related to brand and if they are not the same thing, what does 'brand' mean? Here we explain what you need to know to establish a successful brand in your marketplace.

Clarity Website

Bob has recently completed work on the website for Clarity, the brand that provides consumer credit solutions to the business sector.

Bible Society Internal Welcome Guides

Bob has been working closely with Bible Society after their re-brand. Our latest project has been to create a set of welcome guides for new employees that reflect the new brand guidelines.

Business West ATA Carnet Folder

Bob has just designed, printed and delivered a new folder for Business West's International Trade Department. This is one of the first printed documents to work with Business West's new branding, and is designed to hold ATA Carnet documents that are essential for businesses bringing equipment in and out of different countries.

Tigerplay Lookbook cover

Tigerplay Lookbook

Bob has just delivered this shiny new Lookbook for Chippenham-based children's play area designers and manufacturers - Tigerplay.

Branding and promotion for Culm Grove housing development

We've recently finished working on a brand and promotional material for a proposed new housing development in East Cullompton, Devon.

Biomass Connect Branding

Bob has recently completed branding for Biomass Connect – a £36 million Biomass Feedstocks Innovation Programme, funded through the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative clean energy technologies and processes.

Piercefield Oliver website

We've been working with Cheltenham based financial planners on a website to showcase their experience and expertise and to reinforce the positioning we worked with them to create through their rebrand.

Manx Tomkinson Samples Packaging

Manx Tomkinson is a carpet brand offering an extensive range of quality, value for money carpets for the consumer in the UK. Bob has recently worked with Manx to create new packaging for their sample mailer packs.

SAERI Annual Report

We have worked with the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) for a number of years, recently completing work on their latest annual report.

Sovereign/Countryside planning consultation

We recently teamed up with Community consultants TFA to deliver a series of 9 boards outlining all of the relevant planning information for a housing development by Sovereign and Countryside Partnerships in Lotmead, Swindon. Local residents were invited for a presentation and Q&A session whereby they could find out all about the development and voice any concerns or feedback they might have.

Graphics for Barratt Homes’ consultation

As part of our ongoing work with community consultants TFA, we've collaborated with them and Britain's largest house builder Barratt, to create a set of boards for a public consultation for a housing development in Leechpool Yate, the boards helped to inform local residents of the plans for the area and the evening acted as a forum for a lively Q&A and feedback session where both Baratt and the residents were able to synchronise their expectations and move the project forwards.

Helping Vistry to consult with local residents

Presentation graphics for a Planning Consultation given by Vistry to local residents in Bridgwater. The presentation, about the development of new build houses in North Petherton, is to be given at an upcoming public consultation meeting.

Piercefield Oliver re-brand

Piercefield Oliver re-brand

We've been working with Cheltenham based financial planners on a re-brand and re-positioning exercise to better position them for growth and to widen their appeal to the market segments identified for targeted marketing campaigns.

customer touchpoints

Improved customer touchpoints for Kingsmead Carpets – new sample pack

As part of the work we've been doing with Kingsmead Carpets high on the agenda was improving the customer's buying experience. The first physical interaction customers are likely to have with the brand, are the carpet sample mailer packs.

consultation website

Planning Consultation site for Persimmon Homes

Informational website design and build for Persimmon Homes. Details of the scheme are provided such as housing types, and environmental and community impact. Feedback and consultation are encouraged in order to shape the scheme in a mutually beneficial way.

Global Business Innovation Programme Booklets

We've been working with Business West to produce the accompanying guidebooks to their Global Business In Partnership Series of Events. The Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) helps ambitious UK companies that are developing cutting edge technologies in key sectors to enter globalmarkets of strategic importance and find international collaboration partners.

6 reasons why good Graphic Design is important to your business

Graphics are an undeniable part of our everyday life. Graphic design is present in books, posters, websites, newspapers, branding, etc. It is the visual representation and face of your business, attracting customers to your brand if done well or equally driving them away and into the welcoming arms of your competitors if done poorly. Graphic design creates a mental positioning in customers minds and that’s why it is so crucial to people’s everyday lives.

Update your website – 7 good reasons you should

Your website is a crucial sales tool, often serving as the first impression for potential clients. With 24/7 accessibility, it's their initial touchpoint with your brand. If it's unappealing, outdated, or hard to navigate, they'll likely form a negative opinion and leave. In fact, users take just 0.05 seconds to form an opinion, influencing their decision to stay or go. So, with that in mind, here are 7 good reasons why now might be the time to consider updating your website.

8 reasons why now is the time for that re brand

Your brand is a vital marketing tool, forming the core identity of your business. You can reduce your company's values, ideals, characteristics, and personality traits to your customers, suppliers, competitors, and employees. A well-executed branding strategy can give you an edge over your competition, generate customer loyalty, and build your client base. A brand that stands out, is relevant to your target market, and reflects what you stand for is essential.

Digitising the LBS Founders Book

Digitising the London Business School Founders Book

Digitalisation of the London Business School Founders Book. An online database of startup companies created by student entrepreneurs seeking investment and mentoring.

Telenzo Carpets rebrand

Telenzo Carpets rebrand

We've just finished working on a re-brand for dutch Carpet brand Telenzo - a company with a long and rich history with over 100 years of experience, and have been producing carpets since 1918 in Genemuiden in Northern Holland. 

Public consultation graphics for Wain Homes

Public consultation graphics for developer Wain Homes to engage and inform local residents about their latest development at Groveland's Way in Warminster.

Launching a sister brand to facilitate an expansion into new markets

Based in Wales, The Footstool Workshop is a sister brand from the team behind The Headboard Workshop. We've just finished creating the new brand to work in a similar style to the original Headboard workshop branding and work harmoniously with it.

MWE exhibition graphics

MWE exhibition graphics

We've been working with local medial supplies manufacturer MWE to create exhibition graphics for various trade shows they're attending this year.

TEDx website

Promoting London Business School’s TEDx events

London Business School hosts TEDx events, which are promoted through this website. The site showcases each year’s topic and introduces each speaker, with an overview and video of the talks. You can also book tickets for the next event.


A brand to provide Start-ups with a springboard into the future

We've created a new brand for a series of events by London Business School that are being staged for students, alumni and the public who are new to the entrepreneurship space. They can listen to talks from various experts, partake in a bit of networking and can feel comfortable having a good time with drinks and friends.

guide to Sustainable Investing

Your guide to Sustainable Investing

We created a Guide to Sustainable Investing, to help clients of the Sustainable Pensions Company to understand what sustainable investing is, how their money is invested and what the benefits are.


Infographics to help Business West secure funding

As you may or may not know, we've worked with the marketing team at Business West on various projects over the past 20 years, so we know them pretty well by now...

brochure design

Working with Aspiratons to explain the benefits of sound financial planning

We've just finished designing and producing this lovely brochure for Aspirations Financial planning. It helps their advisers to easily visualise some of the more abstract ideas of financial planning during client meetings as well as acting as a useful leave behind.

Glebe Farm Planning Consultation site

Design and build of planning Consultation site for property developer Richborough Estates for land at Glebe Farm, Steyning.

marketing campaign

BES Do No Harm Marketing Campaign

Branding for a marketing campaign by local healthcare products provider to empower clinicians to make better clinical decisions for their clients in terms of preventing harms in relation to mobility and pressure care


BES Rehab Air Management Brochure

In the context of people returning to the office post-pandemic, we've worked with BES rehab to create a new catalogue that showcases the Air Management products they offer in order to purify the air in your office.

rebrand - Gaskell wool rich

When is a rebrand not a rebrand?

Sometimes you know there is something not quite right with your branding, but can't quite put your finger on it. You like it... kind of, its established and recognised within the industry and therefore has value to your business, but somehow it just lacks a bit of TLC and the benefit of some clear thinking. Gaskell were having similar issues, and put in a call to Bob to see how we could help them put some polish on a brand that had been under-utilised in the past.

Virtual public consultation website

Virtual public consultation website for new homes development

In partnership with Community Consultants TFA, property developers Harrow Estates (part of the Redrow Group) we created a Virtual public consultation website to work as a public engagement tool for a new property development on the outskirts of a village called Liphook near the South Downs National Park.

Digital-first branding

Digital-first branding for local estate agents

We updated this local estate agents branding by retaining the existing elements but putting them back together in such a way that they also work in the digital first world we live in.


Crafting a brand that creates pieces of art from kids doodles

A fun brand for a start up company that creates works of art from your children’s doodles. Doodlepics offer stunning, professionally printed artworks that are a wonderful way to preserve your memories for posterity.

Charterhouse Land

Consultation site for Charterhouse Land

Design and build of planning Consultation site for property developer Charterhouse Land for land in Melksham.

Promoting Entrepreneurship

Promoting Entrepreneurship with the London Business School

We've recently been working with the London Business School to create an Impact Report showcasing the effectiveness and successes of their Entrepreneurship course.

P4B Factsheets

Factsheets helping to make SIPPs accessible to the masses

We designed a suite of branded factsheets to help this start-up pensions company get their message across and make SIPPs available to the masses.

design of a new prospectus

Nuclear South West are on a quest for fusion power

We've recently been working with Nuclear South West on the design of a new prospectus explaining the South West's pivotal role to play in the development of fusion power.


Rebrand for market leading web conversion specialists

Why re-brand when you're already the market leader? Some companies would be happy to sit back and reap the benefits, but Smarter Click saw the bigger picture. They wanted to push the business father into the US market and take the opportunity to assess the journey of growth they'd been on over the past decade or so and set themselves up to continue to innovate and prosper in the next decade.

Annual Report

SAERI Annual Report

Bob is delighted to have just finished work with the team at the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute on their Annual Report for 2020.

Building a brand - sustainable Failand

Building a brand for sustainable house builders

Through our ongoing relationship with Community Consultants TFA, we were asked by property developers Harrow Estates (part of the Redrow Group) to create a logo to promote to the residents of Failand that they are a responsible and sustainable house builder and that sensibility will be at the fore of their potential plans for a new housing development in Failand, Bristol.

Crest Nicholson consultation site

Crest Nicholson Consultation site

We've been working with Crest Nicholson on an informational website for the outline planning application for the development of new houses in Wickwar.

targeted marketing collateral

Creating targeted marketing collateral to drive revenue growth in niche markets

We've been working with the marketing team at Coveya to create a set of targeted brochures, each aimed at specific industries or usage cases which might use conveyors.

the Great British Food Programme

Promoting the Great British Food Programme

As part of our ongoing relationship with Business West, we've been creating materials for the Great British Food Programme

updated brand identity - Osborne House

Re-branding for prominent local care home

Brand identity, websites and literature to help implement the new vision.

Hartley - client Portal

Hartley Pensions client portal helps drive digital transformation

The new client portal we've designed and built is really helping to drive a digital transformation at Hartley Pensions. Its already helped to onboard 400 new clients in 4 months

Design & build of a new website

Design & Build of New website for Alpaca Wool brand

Bob crafts new e-Commerce site for startup alpaca wool brand Mama & Moon.

Updated brand identity for local building contractor

We're delighted to have been working with KP Wilton to revamp the company's brand and marketing materials.

Playful new brand for children’s indoor play specialists

Evolving the Tigerplay brand to create a brand image more in sync with their target market.

mailing pack

Marketing a local re-upholstery company – we’ve got it covered

We created a mailing pack for this local upholstery company to market their services to 10 key sectors.

Annual report

Annual report with a difference for Research Institute

Striking annual report design for environmental research institute.

Bob Brews up identity for new Bible Society cafe

As part of our on-going work with Bible Society we have recently completed work on a new brand identity for their cafe and local community hub. Mary Jones World is located on the edge of the Snowdonia national park in Bala, Wales. Based in an old, converted church it tells the story of how young Mary travelled many miles on bare feet to buy Bibles in her native language. Her story sowed the seed for what was to become the Bible Society.

Brand identity for new Montessori school

Bob is very happy to have recently been working with the team at Hummingbirds Education on their new Montessori school in London.

Reworked product sheets for Lucid CX

We're delighted to have been working with Lucid CX in Hewish. Lucid CX provides smart support for all kinds of complex devices – not just phones, tablets and laptops, but all manner of home appliances.

Promoting a new concept in storage container living

Bob creates new website for housing developer Smartcube Homes in Bristol.

Bob teams up with the Bible Society

We've been appointed by the team at Bible Society to lend our expertise to enhancing their communications.

Bob gets busy helping to bring Bath Abbey to life

Bob is putting the finishing touches to new interpretative designs for Bath Abbey. The team at the Abbey appointed Bob after a competitive pitch to create a series of graphics and illustrations explaining their new Footprint project.

New Bristol Living brand aims to make accommodation easier

Here at Bob the ink has just dried, metaphorically speaking, on a new brand identity for shared accommodation specialists Bristol Living. Bob was tasked with developing a professional yet vibrant new brand and website to set this fledgling company on the stairway to success.

University of Bath

Bob launches website for University of Bath

We're delighted to have been continuing our work with the University of Bath's Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies. The department, based at the Claverton Down campus in Bath, work with a wide variety of talented student and academics as well as a wealth of prominent industrial partners on some cutting edge projects.

Bob helps to re-position the Digilog brand

The Bob team have been busy updating a new brand for our latest client - Digilog, who provide a unique software product to the insurance industry, using voice analysis to assess customer responses and evaluate risk. As you can gather, its a complex offering which takes a lot of understanding, therefore it is important to be able to distill what they do in order to help them connect better with their target audience.

A Mini Christmas

What with the nights drawing in and festivities fast approaching our minds have turned to our favourite adverts of Christmases past. Amongst the suggestions it was no surprise that top of Stuart’s advert list was this cracker of a clip from 1986. (He’s owned far too many Minis).

Mama & Moon

Our latest brand identity project for exquisite wool product

Our latest brand identity project has just been signed off and we thought you'd like to see the results. Our client runs an award-winning alpaca stud farm in south western Australia and has engaged us to create the brand identity to promote the beautiful balls of wool they're producing. Alpaca wool is amongst the finest, softest wool around and is sure to be a hit with knitters and the crafting community.

A brand identity to promote better post-hospital care

We've just put the finishes touches on a new brand identity for the Severn Major Trauma team at North Bristol NHS Trust.

Why Is Graphic Design Important For Business?

If you're a small business and currently reviewing your marketing plan for the year ahead, you might be wondering why it's necessary to invest in graphic design. After all, isn't your marketing budget better spent elsewhere with an immediate return?

Promoting Your Brand With Print

In the digital age printed materials are often dismissed in favour of real-time communication. Yet digital and print work really well together. To prove it we are busting the myths that suggest print is outdated, giving you tips on how to promote your brand in hard copy.

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