Brand Identity: The devil is in the details

12th August 2017

Graphic Design Agency

Brand Identity is a crucial factor in any companies marketing strategy. It creates your desired company image, something that needs to be carefully considered in order to fully appeal to any potential customers.   Whilst there are standard features required when devising a clear brand identity, such as your company logo designs and colour schemes, additional elements such as the

Branding to attract millennials

27th June 2017

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There has been much talk about millennials – but who exactly are they? And why does graphic design need to reinvent itself to match their demands? Also referred to as Generation Y, this is a sizeable demographic. Certainly not one that digital design can afford to overlook. In both the UK and the US, millennials represent one in four of

Can a rebrand increase sales?

13th June 2017

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Rebranding is about more than changing up your company logo. It’s about having a consistent brand identity that’s easily identifiable by consumers. It’s that consistency that can lead to additional revenue, simply because consumers will begin to associate it with products or services they like, and in today’s incredibly competitive online environment, it’s more important than ever to have a

Brand Strategies You Need To Stop Using

25th May 2017

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An effective branding strategy is something that’s difficult to get right, and it requires a lot of planning. You need to thoroughly understand your business and your client base before coming to decisions because without a brand strategy that works, it’s very easy for your business to get lost amongst the competition. Ultimately, you want your brand to stand out,

How Social Media Has Changed The Way We Brand

11th May 2017

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Having come a long way since the days of MySpace, social media is no longer considered a tool used to receive constant updates about your friend’s pets. In the modern era, social media is being used for a number or different purposes, by individuals, brands, and businesses. Going far beyond the massive changes social media has impacted on how we

Why Website Design Matters

24th April 2017

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Most businesses have websites these days, but there are still many who haven’t quite achieved the results they might like and quite often, this can be down to the design of the website. A strong SEO strategy is imperative for a website, but the design and layout are also extremely important. If your design is off-putting, your potential customers will

The Importance Of Branding Without Boasting

18th April 2017

The Importance Of Branding - graphic design bristol

Some would say that there is a very fine line between branding yourself and boasting and it is important to tread carefully with this. When you brand your business, you are promoting what you do; but this doesn’t mean that you need to be over the top or in people’s faces about your success. You can still brand yourself well,

Why Branding Is Important To Consumers

18th April 2017

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In today’s digital world, where the internet is inescapable, marketplaces are getting more and more crowded. It is in these instances where a brand really comes into its own. There are several reasons why branding is important, especially where consumers are concerned. The three top reasons for this are as follows: 1. Consumers relate brands to businesses For consumers, your branding represents

How To Apply Your Brand Throughout Your Company Values

11th April 2017

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Living and trading in a global marketplace, where goods and services are bought and sold outside of local and national boundaries, places the ownership of an easily identifiable brand among the most valuable assets any business can possess. “Coca-Cola” is famous all over the world, yet without proper branding, the words Coca-Cola would be meaningless. Of course, many decades of

Brand It Like Beckham: The Key To Creating A Brand That Sticks

31st March 2017

beckham | Brand Development Bristol

David Beckham may be well known for his skills on the football pitch, but he is also a very successful brand. Yes, he is a person, but he has also established himself as a brand in his own rights and this brand can sell almost anything. This is a skill which has enabled him to amass a fortune and is