Bob was approached to create a brand identity for the exciting new venture – the first green Montessori school in London, which will open at the start of 2020. Hummingbirds Montessori School is an OFSTED registered sessional school based in Kingston-Upon-Thames caring for children from 2,5 y.o to 5 y.o, combining the principles of the Montessori Education and embracing movements such as Green Schools, Forest Schools, Zero Waste, etc.

Bob was tasked with creating an umbrella brand identity for the educational group and the logo for the first new school. The team at Hummingbirds has ambitious plans for this to be just one of several schools. The school identity presents two chirpy, fun hummingbird characters that encapsulate the school’s values of green thinking, peace, interdependence and child friendliness.

For the umbrella education brand we rationalised the hummingbirds device and simplified the colour ways to emphasise a more sober, business-like look.The brand is now being utilised by the team at Hummingbirds Education in the run-up to their launch in 2020.

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