Brand Identity is a crucial factor in any companies marketing strategy. It creates your desired company image, something that needs to be carefully considered in order to fully appeal to any potential customers. Whilst there are standard features required when devising a clear brand identity, such as your company logo designs and colour schemes, additional elements such as the tagline and even smaller, everyday details, are worthy of just as much attention.



Your logo is the first representation of your company to potential clients. It needs to be a subtle, yet interesting visual that immediately conveys your company and its brand identity. This can be achieved through either a combination of initials, or a clearly descriptive image that represents you and your business. A bespoke typeface could also bring individuality to your logo design. Keep in mind that this will be used in a variety of mediums as well, so it needs to scale well and have a good use of space that looks good at both small and large sizes. Simplicity may be the best route to achieve this, an overly fussy logo may detract what you’re attempting to market. A simple and effective design could hold some serious longevity, whilst clearly conveying your brand identity to potential customers.

Colour Schemes

The impact of colour, and colour schemes is most definitely a significant factor within any branding and marketing strategy. There is even an entire field of research centred around discussions of the impact of colour on branding, and how you can best choose a colour scheme to suit your company and customers. Different colours could evoke different feelings and emotions for your customers, so it’s important to fully understand your audience. Varying hues of green may invoke ideas of nature, peace, and growth to some, whilst also implying notions of success, and wealth, to others.


You might think it’s irrelevant, but a catchy tagline is in fact extremely important for any business. Your tagline allows you to succinctly express your company identity and ethos in one or two short, snappy sentences. Better still, when combined with a logo, the tagline provides a clear and concise overview of what your business is all about. The tagline is your company’s hook, and if it’s effective enough could become a crucially memorable aspect of your brand identity. Some of the world’s most successful companies have included and iconic tagline within their branding. Apple for instance used ‘Think Different’ when they launched. Your tagline could be the difference between you standing out from the crowd and blending into the background. It holds your brand identity together, so it probably deserves a bit of extra time and consideration.

Beyond the basics

A 2016 article by Forbes magazine argued that the key to consistency in creating an effective brand identity lies within minute details that you may have never previously thought of. Factors such as office layout, and interior design, personalised company stationary and even the quality of refreshments available, could not only contribute to the brand identity of your company, but also impact your clients first impression. One final detail that you may never have considered before, is your personal contribution to your company. Do you represent your brand’s identity in the best way you can? It could be as simple as altering your work attire to better emulate your branding, or adjust your presentation style to clients with brand appropriate templates and updated technology.

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