David Beckham may be well known for his skills on the football pitch, but he is also a very successful brand. Yes, he is a person, but he has also established himself as a brand in his own rights and this brand can sell almost anything. This is a skill which has enabled him to amass a fortune and is not purely about Beckham as an individual, but also about how his team of experts have managed him. This is what you can achieve with your business too.

It is important to know what your brand is from the very start of your business, as this will help you understand which direction you want the company to go in. Without knowing your brand identity, it can be difficult for your business to reach the level you desire. These are some ways to create a brand that people identify with – and most importantly, a brand that sticks.

Understand your product or service

In order to create a brand that sticks with your audience, you need to really understand your product or service. You should understand your capabilities, what you can offer and who your competitors are. This will put you in a good position to be able to promote your brand and get people onboard with your products or service.

Know your audience

Your brand will never stick if you don’t target the right audience – this is vital for brand development. Whether you offer a product or service, it is highly unlikely that it will appeal to everyone, so take some time to really understand who your audience will be. The branding of Beckham has been so skilful that he appeals to both men and women at all ages, but this isn’t usually the case. With your own brand, you want to consider whether you should try and appeal to children or adults and the age range which would suit best. You may also want to think about the location you are targeting. In doing this, you have a much higher chance of success in ensuring your brand is one which sticks.

Consistency is key

As with everything, consistency is the key to success and this includes your brand marketing. A consistent brand will become recognisable and this is what makes it stick. If you think about brands you know well, such as Burger King and Coca-Cola, you will notice that the brand marketing for these is always the same. This means that no matter where consumers are in the world, they will be drawn to these brands.

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