As we begin this new year, many companies will be considering the possibilities a re-brand could do to benefit their position in the marketplace. The investment arm of Yahoo, for instance, will be changing its name to Altaba, no doubt as means to help consumers regain confidence after the massive online hack that took place of sensitive data back in 2014. A strong branding strategy is vital for any company seeking to maintain their place in the increasingly cut-throat digital marketplace, after all. Combining website design with social media identities, ensuring your website works well on both static and mobile platforms: all these are important for the modern organisation to both maintain and review.

Brand strategies are being increasingly designed around platforms such as Instagram and Twitter as a means not only to sell, but to promote brand identity. Making sure your logos look good at smaller resolutions, plus providing clear and consistent information, from your website to your company’s real-time communication outlets, is vital to allow customers to recognise your brand. This then assists the process of buying into long-term objectives and promotions. Plus, it allows individuals important opportunities to react instantly, and for clients to build long-term, fruitful relationships with their consumer base.

The business of real-time engagement is changing almost on a daily basis, with those companies who are prepared to take risks, coupled with robust branding and identity, reaping the benefits that social media presents. That means that when your digital design is flawless, you can be comfortable that both your websites and other platforms (both online and on site) will be up to the challenge that a new year presents.

As a Bristol based graphic design agency Bob can provide you with everything that’s required to start 2017 with style, professionalism and a thirst to succeed with branding.

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