Start-up business owners are often very focused on getting the right logo as a foundation for building a strong brand. Of course company visuals are important, but building a brand involves more than devising a recognisable logo. Every interaction with your customer base, no matter how minor, will influence how your brand is perceived. For example, your organisation’s customer service, advertising copy and business premises will play just as important a role in creating a brand as its logo.

A strong brand is one that communicates the benefits of your company’s offer above its competitors’. Branding should deliver your company message clearly, demonstrate credibility, engage your target audience emotionally, motivate the buyer, and engender loyalty. Instilling these beliefs is a complex job that cannot be fulfilled by a great logo alone. To succeed in branding you must understand the needs and wants of your customer base. You can then demonstrate your company understands and addresses those needs through every point of customer contact.

The process of developing your brand strategy starts with a few simple questions; who is your organisation’s target market? What are the needs of that target market? How do your products or services meet those needs? What are the unique selling points of your products/services? What are the core values of your products/services? What are the core values of your company? What are your company aims? By answering these questions, you will define the key messages that will persuade and motivate your target market to buy. You can then decide how these messages will be incorporated into every customer touch point, from company visuals and marketing collateral to customer service policy.

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