Marketing is all about the type of experience you deliver to your consumers, through each and every interaction that they have with your brand. By creating a memorable brand experience, you can help to set your brand apart from the rest. The experience that you build will ultimately become the brand in the mind of your consumers.


Connect with the Consumer

How can you create a great experience for your consumer if you do not know who they are?  In order for you to build a strong relationship with them, the experience should relate to the needs and desires of the audience and add value to their lives.

Keep it Simple

Try not to over complicate the experience – keep them simple and easy to remember. By having a distinct experience, there will be more chance of the consumer engaging with your brand.

Think with the Heart

Craft experiences that connect emotionally; entertain, teach something, inspire creativity, make them laugh, make them cry or allow them to have fun. By tapping into the target consumers conscience, can cement that crucial bond between them and your brand.

Humanise it

To humanise a brand experience, isn’t just as straightforward as making your brand voice humorous on social media. It actually comes down to one key element – consumer trust. People crave physical connections to empower their belief in a brand, not just technological. Ensure that your employees, the ones who speak directly to consumers, are driving a positive experience that best represents your values.

Tell a Story

Storytelling is a powerful method for building relationships. Telling a story brings people together, drives engagements and most importantly captures attention. You could think of a narrative that can be applied, to reflect your product, company goals or even your brand values.

Ensure Authenticity

The experience should be kept consistent across all channels. If you do not deliver the same experience both technological and physical, you risk losing trust between your brand and the consumer. Whatever the brand experience is, by keeping it coherent shows the brands reliability, which is what consumers want to see.


Review all feedback you receive on the experience, it can be extremely useful in establishing the direction of your brand experience. Read social media comments, talk to customers in person, create online surveys for feedback. Ultimately just listen carefully and you will learn a lot about what matters the most for the target consumer.

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