Despite the age of online connections and instant communication, face to face meetings and having good quality business cards still reign supreme when it comes to networking and acquiring new business. Of course, business cards come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s worth making an impression – no matter the context in which you’re giving them out. In this blog post we’ll look at a handful of business card designs to stand out from the crowd and leave people wanting more.


Something Related to your Business

It’s always worth making a link between your business card and what you or your business actually does. Rather than handing out an anonymous piece of card, why not include a sample of your product or something related to what you do and how you operate. It’ll say a lot about the confidence you have in your product as well as your ability to design and think of something outside the box.

Luggage Tags

Business cards that follow a certain format can be popular – and the attention to detail is what really stands out here. Luggage tags, passport forms, vintage labels etc. Remember that business cards don’t have to just be a rectangular piece of card – you can attach them to your products, and this is where the luggage tag idea comes into its own. It’s less intrusive and with the right design and typography, bound to raise a smile.

Cut Outs

The people you give these business cards to may not ever complete them – but they’ll remember them, and they’ll stick in their memory. Creating business cards that allow people to manipulate or play is a great idea – and if it’s especially pertinent to your craft or skill then it will come across as professional and skilful.


Humour goes a long way in what is essentially a fairly dry affair – winning new business for your company. Humour also sticks longer in the memory than most things, and it can also help bring out the personality of your company and the people behind it. For example, tiny bits of smashed plates for a Greek restaurant. Simple and effective and likely to raise a laugh or two.

Think Compact and Inventive

Create a little miniature version of something you love and replicate it exactly. Not only does this show attention to detail and craft, but it’ll be something people want to keep. Make the business details almost irrelevant, and ironically, your business card will probably stick around for a lot longer than you think.

We hope that has provided some creative inspiration for your next business cards. If you’re due a refresh, why not think laterally and try something a bit different? If you’re looking for new business cards for yourself or your company, Bob’s years of experience in printed material puts us in the perfect position to help. Contact us today to find out more.

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