The ATA carnet folder presented a unique challenge in terms of its technical requirements and the need to adhere to the new Business West branding guidelines. This graphic design project required careful consideration of both functional and aesthetic elements to create a folder that securely holds official customs documents while effectively showcasing the brand’s visual identity.

Technical Challenges:
The primary technical challenge was finding a solution to securely hold the carnet pages in place. A traditional pocket would not provide the necessary stability for these official documents. To address this, an additional piece was incorporated at the top of the folder, featuring pre-drilled holes. These holes allowed the carnet pages to be held in place using treasury tags, ensuring they remain secure during transportation and handling.

Furthermore, the folder needed to display the ATA carnet holder’s details prominently on the front cover. However, due to the folder’s unique six-page structure, precision was crucial. Two specific pages had to be strategically cut to allow for a clear view from the front cover to the pocket below, ensuring the details are easily visible without compromising the folder’s structural integrity.

Brand Interpretation:
In addition to the technical considerations, the design team had to interpret and disseminate the brand guidelines for the new Business West branding. As one of the first printed documents to showcase the new brand, there was a level of responsibility and trust placed on the designers to accurately represent the brand’s visual identity.

Throughout the design process, the team carefully studied the brand guidelines and implemented the appropriate color schemes, typography, and overall design elements. They ensured that the folder aligns with the brand’s intended image and effectively communicates its values and professionalism. By adhering to the guidelines, the design team maintained consistency across the brand’s collateral materials and contributed to the successful launch of the new brand.

The ATA carnet folder design project successfully tackled both technical challenges and brand interpretation. By developing innovative solutions, such as the additional piece with pre-drilled holes and the precise cutting of pages, the design team created a functional and secure folder for holding official customs documents. Simultaneously, they effectively interpreted the new Business West branding guidelines, showcasing a high level of trust and professionalism. The project exemplified the design team’s ability to merge functionality and aesthetics while maintaining brand consistency, contributing to a successful outcome and a continued partnership with Business West.

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