It’s spring, which means that cleaning up those strategies and streamlining your content marketing plan is at the top of your agenda.


It’s a time for change, for user experience and quality content. But it’s easy to set out these goals and then slip back into the same old routine of business as usual come summer. To make sure you make changes that are easy to stick to, follow these three simple tips.

1. Don’t overkill on the SEO

OK, so SEO is important. I mean, we all want to be at the top of Google, right? But littering your content with keyphrases and links does not create quality content. The key to attracting and keeping customers is to create top-notch content that is engaging and shareable. This may sound like the mantra of 2014, but did you really adhere to it? in 2015, listen to the creatives amongst you and put their ideas to practice!

But, don’t forget about it entirely!

2. Step out of the box

While we’re on the theme of listening to your creatives… ordinary content no longer cuts it. Normal doesn’t work any more. Shift your focus from your standardised strategy to something fun, unusual, imaginative and has authority.

Content that works needs to feel exclusive and not like it has been recycled from somewhere or someone else. Whether this comes in the form of inside gossip, podcasts or high-profile marketing stunts. Just make sure you don’t go too far off brand and stick to your original marketing goals.

3. It’s not all about promotional content

Social media. Yep – we’re talking about it again. It’s a must have, if you’re not on Facebook and Twitter, who even are you? Get that social media strategy perfected and get it going. Social platforms are the most useful and powerful tools at your disposal for content, promotions and stories.

However, keeping all content about offers, sales and new products will get you nowhere. Social media is just that: social. Share interesting and funny content from similar brands, news sources and sites and you will instantly engage with your followers.

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