Maintaining an effective marketing strategy is a key factor in business to ensure that your brand and ethos is conveyed to your target audience. As the times change, so do approaches to marketing, and it’s important that your business keeps up. Creative marketing offers a great opportunity to present marketing data and brand information in an engaging and interesting format.
What is creative marketing?
You can invest a huge amount of money in your marketing strategy, but if you don’t have a unique and effective way to distribute your business message and identity to your target audience the campaign efficiency is severely diminished. Equally, if your branding is strong, but your marketing research and data is limited, your business could also suffer. As the name suggests, creative marketing seamlessly combines the work of a creative professional with the expertise of a marketing consultant and seeks to use more imaginative and engaging content that effectively communicates with your target audience. Any marketing data is researched and collated by marketing strategists, and then passed on to the creative team; beginning with the copywriter. The role of the copywriter is to interpret this data into a more understandable and readable format, allowing potential business partners and clients to easily navigate it. This is done through the creation of one or two storylines This is then passed to the designer, who will translate this narrative into an eye-catching style of presentation. This work is all managed by the creative director who will look to maintain the integrity of the project and ensure that it is appropriate for the specific audience. As ventures into creative marketing expand, additional roles such as editors and digital specialists could also be added.
Some typical examples of creative marketing include infographics, animations, and video productions.
  • Engage your audience
    Creative marketing solutions can be a great way to engage your target audience, whilst also being a unique way to communicate key information to them. Unique and innovate marketing content also has the potential to put a smile on the face of any viewer, which is likely to promote increased engagement with the material and improve the profile of your business overall.
  • Embrace the possibilities of digital and print
    Business marketing should have the flexibility to be transferred across multiple mediums to reach all possible audiences. By employing a more creative marketing strategy you are able to do just that. Whether you employ a unique animation or specially designed illustrations, a well-rounded creative marketing strategy will smoothly transition between your print and digital marketing campaigns, whilst continuing to effectively present your brand and business identity.
  • Stay ahead of the game
    Working to create such unique and interesting marketing and advertising campaigns is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. An interesting and easy-to-read infographic could offer a simple breakdown of what your business represents. This transparency will draw in potential partners and clients, making it a valuable investment that keeps you ahead of the opposition.
  • Improve working atmosphere
    Employing a creative marketing strategy will also help to inspire creativity throughout your office as well. Creative working environments tend to foster a more positive atmosphere, therefore staff morale will be on the up, and so will overall productivity.

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