Modern marketing can sometimes feel like everyone is doing the same thing. Content and social media development often merge into one – leaving very little in the way of differentiation between different companies that may have similar products or offerings.


In this blog post, we’ll look at a handful of marketing techniques that might help set you apart from the crowd.


Use the Environment Around You

There is a lot of creativity to be found by manipulating and using the immediate environment around us. We take it for granted that much of the stuff we pass by on our daily commutes can be utilised for creative and inventive marketing. In fact, if done well, a lot of this guerrilla style marketing can make a bigger impact than more conventional.


Unusual Sponsorship Opportunities

Especially in urban environments, there are thousands of unusual opportunities to get the name of your business out there. A lot of very successful guerilla marketing looks to this to subtly get a business name in the world around them – from sponsoring Boris Bikes to small, local events in which your target audience will be in attendance.


Think Local Events

If you’re a small business your locality is vitally important – and sometimes the biggest gains can be found by looking at the smaller picture, rather than the larger one. Get some friends to help and get other businesses involved – create a buzz around your business and be sure to spread the word in the local area. It’s amazing how far word can spread.


Don’t Neglect Social Media

Social Media can sometimes be forgotten in all of this, because it becomes apparent that some businesses only know how to use social media in one way – and posts can become stale and boring. Don’t neglect it however – make sure that you always find new ways of engaging with your audience – real time ‘show & tell’ and making every effort to get various communities involved is key.


Invent a Story

Everyone likes and appreciates a story that involves them. A good story behind your business is key to marketing – and can involve some creative relationship building that will keep your brand in the minds of your potential customers for as long as possible.

Quick Sprout have a good guide when it comes to how to tell your brand’s story here.



It’s true that modern marketing can feel like a bit of a blur. It can feel like everyone’s doing the same thing, and that it might be increasingly hard for small businesses to reach out to potential customers and cut through the noise.

Here at Bob we’re experts in helping you carve out your own niche – helping find your own marketing story that will set you apart from similar businesses in your area, and even help plan events and promote them online. Contact us for more information.

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