Bob repositions the Digilog brand

The Bob team have been busy updating a new brand for our latest client – Digilog, who provide a unique software product to the insurance industry, using voice analysis to assess customer responses and evaluate risk. As you can gather, its a complex offering which takes a lot of understanding, therefore it is important to be able to distill what they do in order to help them connect better with their target audience.

Digilog had found that people find it hard to understand what it is they do and what they offer and approached us to create a strap line that succinctly summed up their business offering, as well as to sprinkle that little bit of Bob magic and tidy up their branding which was starting to look a bit dated. We started with the strap line to create a variety of options which were split into 4 main themes: Descriptive, Outcomes, Big Picture and Ideas based. This gave a number of concepts for consideration, and the client decided on the option of Listen • Assess • Act which is an accurate 3 point description of the process involved.

The brand name was to stay, but we looked at modernising the typeface as the existing typeface ‘Impact’ was literally straight out of the system fonts in Windows 98 and hardly befitting for a forward thinking organisation. The Impact typeface was replaced with the much more clean and classical Helvetica. From there we looked at how we could integrate the new strap line with the new logo design and how the logo might be used in digital applications such as within the software and on the web. We took the decision to drop the semicircular elements from the lower part of the logo and position the strap line underneath the company name, creating a lasting bond between who the company is and what it does. We also tackled the issue of the logo being very monotone, and took the opportunity to rationalise the brand colour palette and introduce some new colours into the brand mark and strap line to compliment the dark blue and create some depth to their communications which was a bit lacking previously.

We’ve also been working on bringing the new brand through into their printed materials such as brochures and case studies. As soon as we have more to show you, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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