Brunt and Fussell approached us with an all too common problem. They’d had a new website designed and built, but their old logo just wasn’t up to the task, it didn’t sit well in the space, the colours looked a bit dated and it was just lacking in impact. Some of the tell-tale signs we see with older brands were designed before the world became such a digital-first place. The problem was that they liked the brand, it had lots of recognition in the local area, so the brief to us was can you do us a rebrand but we need to keep as much of the fonts, colours and the elements within the logo as we can.

The new, digital-first branding is strong and confident. The insipid purple and extraneous elements have been removed. It has much less height than the original, making it work much more successfully on the website and shop fascia. We also created a shortened B&F variant of the brandmark which is to be used on Social Media and the For Sale boards, where horizontal space is at a premium. This gives Brunt and Fussell digital-first branding that is now perfectly adaptable to any scenario.



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