Everyone is talking about content marketing and its importance to your SEO rankings. Fresh and user friendly content is crucial in getting ahead in this modern digital world. The trouble is, often this content is created purely for SEO reasons, which is bound to lead to content that lacks lustre. The result is content that doesn’t engage the user, which ultimately affects SEO rankings, and defeats the primary objective; to be easily found by potential customers. We need to change our approach to content. Believe it or not Content Marketing is surprisingly simple. By creating an engaging and interesting content marketing strategy you achieve the goal of improving the customer experience, which in turn will improve your SEO.

Content is not just a blog.
Don’t be mistaken by this, creating and maintaining a blog is very important in your content marketing strategy, it is a fantastic avenue for fresh content and is a great way to interact with your customer base. The umbrella term ‘Content’ covers EVERYTHING on your whole site, from product descriptions, to your social media accounts, to your ‘about’ page. The key here is to bring everything together, integrating your content so that it enhances the user experience.

Link to relevant blog posts or social media content on product pages. A great example is top10.com They are linking to Instagram images within their hotel descriptions. Integrating these changes needn’t be too complicated or imposing timewise. It’s more about following a logical train of thought and routinely linking aspects of your site to socials and your audience.

Now you may not realise it but your site is stuffed with content, so why not take another look at it and think about how you can improve on it. Create an experience, don’t be scared to write detailed and decent product descriptions. Tell a story. Make it interesting to read. Stop creating content for the search engines, create it for real world people. When you approach content creation on a human level you will undoubtedly end up with better quality and highly relevant content.

With this new approach to content creation comes the realisation that it won’t be cheap or easy to achieve. This is true. Content marketing is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to do properly, but what you end up with is an audience that sees your content as valuable and relevant, helping them decide whether or not to spend their money with you.

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