The brief was that the Doodlepics brand should be bold, bright, playful and friendly. It should evoke a childlike vibe while looking professional and upmarket enough to appeal to the parents buying from them.

The Panda is associated with appreciation, playfulness, abundance, slow progress, gentle strength, nurture, and enjoying life. These things fit well with developing children so the panda is a perfect fit for the identity. The double ‘o’ in the word Doodlepics seemed perfect for the placement of the panda’s eyes. We added a nose and ears around those eyes and the logo really began to take shape. Alongside this, we also began to develop a full face and body for the panda. This would be needed for later marketing assets as the panda is to become the main character of the Doodlepics brand. We’re currently working on a name for him, so please feel free to send us your suggestions. The letter ‘I’ was changed into a paintbrush to reinforce the fact that this is an artistic brand.

The colours are bright and engaging, but also flexible enough to not fight with the imagery, which is likely to be very bright children’s doodles.

The brand has also been rolled out through social media and we’re working on the website as we speak. We’ll update you on that as soon as its ready for launch.

The Doodlepics branding has been featured by Design Rush’s Best Design Trends page in the article “The Best Start-Up Logo Designs by DesignRush” which you can read here:

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