Ecommerce represents 17% of all retail sales, a figure that has doubled since 2008. With this in mind, expect enterprise retailers to incorporate the following trends over the following months…


Optimisation for mobile

Now that we use our mobiles more than computers for browsing the net, it’s pretty safe to say that mobile optimisation is not something to ignore. Since 2013 when this was announced, many businesses started creating responsive design for their businesses. However, it won’t be just about having mobile optimisation for businesses, but creating something of real quality.


Our prediction is that many mobile store owners will advertise their services and products on mobiles. Larger stores will certainly try to reach out to as many mobile users as they can. It is very likely that mobile video adverts will also increase, as they then have the potential for sharing amongst users, and going viral.

Target wearable devices

For those who don’t know what wearable devices are, the clue is in the name. This is any device that can literally be worn, such as the i-watch and digital sunglasses. With these devices attracting a lot of popularity, expect commerce stores and retailers to start promoting and offering updates via wearable technology.

Long form content

As well as blogs and articles, video length and podcasts will become more popular and as data and analytics is easier to access, additional data-based content will appear.

‘Personalised’ online experiences

This is likely to be one of the most significant developments for marketers. Today’s software allows businesses to target factors such as demographic and audience, creating custom web experiences for their users – this can enhance an otherwise stagnant and generic user experience. Users are becoming more accustomed to sharing their personal information with reputable online stores and brands, which is why we predict that more energy will go into creating custom features for users. One particular UK travel business increased their purchase rates by 210% through targeting PPC keywords towards certain users – it’s safe to say this should be an area of interest for ecommerce businesses!

Improved delivery options

Amazon have already jumped on this with their drone delivery project which plans to offer same day delivery… Many people are put off by ordering online due to the slow or unreliable delivery times and instead visit stores to purchase what they need. With certain businesses already making steps to improve their delivery times, others will be looking to keep up.

Local marketing and branding

Smaller businesses are likely to have recourse to strategies that centre around pointers separating them from their larger competition. This means using basic SEO methods with social media engagement to make links with consumers geographically close to them.

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