Getting your email marketing campaigns right can be a daunting task. It can sometimes feel pointless as so much effort goes into sending out emails to many different people only to find that most don’t bother to click through or even open the email, let alone actually convert to buying something. Despite this frustration, with a bit of fine tuning, email marketing could become one of your best marketing tools in your tool box. It is fast and cheap, and can be surprisingly effective.

Here are a few tips to help you in honing your emailing marketing campaigns.

Think about your audience
The main thing to bear in mind is that consumers have become increasingly intolerant and unreceptive to bad and misdirected advertising. You need to consider your audience carefully and create a campaign that will appeal to them directly, especially since there is now so much noise on social media to cut through. Your message needs to be direct and appropriate.

Try and build a relationship with your target market, perhaps even adding subtle customisation to your emails. This would leave your customer feeling special and important, engaging them and ultimately more likely to spend their money with you.

Quality over Quantity
Don’t fall into the trap of trying to cram as much info as possible into your campaign. Smaller and to the point campaigns which have been directed correctly have shown to be far more successful.

Another thing to consider is the quality of your mailing lists. Carefully consider every single email address that you add to your mailing lists. Is this consumer interested in what you have to offer, do they actually want to receive emails from you? There is absolutely no point spending time creating an amazing email campaign only to email it out to people who aren’t interested.

Don’t forget about the subject line
Funnily enough the subject line seems to be the last thing you think about when putting together your perfect email campaign. Sometimes very little thought is given to it. The reality is that the subject line can determine the success of your campaign. A strong, relevant subject line is crucial as this is the bait that draws the consumer in, the hook to tempt them into clicking on your email and reading further.

Consider your copy carefully
It is important to remember that less is more when it comes to your content. Make sure you keep the copy scannable and don’t waffle on, getting the message across quickly will help conversion.

Just remember that email marketing is actually really simple, you just need to think about your audience and aim for quality rather than quantity.

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