If you’re a small business and currently reviewing your marketing plan for the year ahead, you might be wondering why it’s necessary to invest in graphic design. After all, isn’t your marketing budget better spent elsewhere with an immediate return?

The fact is, graphic design is the key to creating a coherent and impactful brand that will become familiar in your target market and build awareness. This is a specialist job that requires specialist treatment, and graphic designers are trained in the creation and delivery of that visual language that sums up your company and brand and represents it in a way that is consistent, appealing and professional.

The designer will ensure that your brand appeals to your target customers in a way that fits with your ethos, product and industry. They will consider all elements of print and digital design that include imagery, headlines, fonts, colour palettes, ‘rules’ for the use of your logo, template layouts and other visual communication tools that define how your brand is presented in the market.

Using the services of a graphic designer means you can easily replicate your branding across your online and offline marketing. Your designer can also create a brand bible that keeps all of your staff on track when it comes to successfully carrying through your brand in the marketplace and helping to build its value. They can also create professional templates at optimum resolutions for you, which makes it easy to produce key marketing materials – from business cards through to flyers and brochures.

A graphic designer can even help you with your branding strategy and development, and many small companies will choose to use a graphic design agency in order to buy in flexible design resource as and when they need it. This can be a cost-effective way to access a specialist skillset when it is needed rather than having to maintain a permanent in-house role or taking up the valuable time of a member of staff who should be focusing on other tasks. After all, designing your own materials can be time-consuming and if not done to a high standard runs the risk of compromising your business’ reputation.

So, as you plan your marketing delivery for the year ahead, remember that you’ll need a graphic designer to make sure it is presented, designed and produced in the best possible way – one that attracts your customers and helps to drive forward those conversions! Ready to see how we can help? Contact Bob Design and Marketing today.

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