If you’re considering a company rebrand, then it makes sense to use a professional graphic designer. But before you commission a freelancer or graphic design agency in Bristol to do the job, what can you expect them to help you with?


Professional design

A graphic designer will carry out your brand development in a professional way and produce a logo and set of brand assets that can be used for print and digital marketing alike. This will include logos in different file formats, a ‘brand bible’ if you commission it and full guidelines for consistent use of your new brand.

They will ensure that the logo they create for you is unique and resonates with your target audience. They will also work with you to understand your business, USP’s, value proposition and preferences for graphics and visuals. Sometimes this is done by identifying other brands that you think are particularly good and working out what it is about them that particularly appeals to you. A designer will work through a formal briefing process to capture all the necessary information and requirements before they actually begin to produce options for you to pick from.

Templates and guidance

When you have picked your logo, your designer will also identify possibilities for the rest of your brand assets – imagery style, header and body text fonts, colour palettes, graphics and other elements that will make up your overall brand. You may also want to commission them to produce templates for common materials so that you can ensure your brand is being applied consistently and in the right way once it is launched. This also saves time and money for rework.

Insight and strategy

A professional graphic designer can also help you with brand strategy, insight and broader creative input, to stimulate your thinking and really pin down what it is that you are trying to achieve. Be sure to listen to their guidance as they will have plenty of know-how and experience from which you can benefit from, as you seek to create a fantastic new brand that sums up everything that is great about your business!

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