The image your organisation projects through its website and marketing collateral plays a crucial role in your business’s success. Focused marketing materials underpin every part of the sales journey, from generating customer interest to converting sales and encouraging confidence in your products and services. Yet many business owners feel uncomfortable making decisions about creative work. These business owners know their organisation and industry back-to-front, but they are unsure how to communicate with their target audience through marketing collateral.

Understanding how to evaluate creative input from designers, copywriters or marketeers will ensure greater return on investment. You will help the agency or consultant produce more focused work and ultimately a more successful campaign. So, next time you are faced with a decision regarding creative work, consider these questions:

Does the campaign/concept/design submitted fulfil the brief?

Prepare a focused brief and you are more likely to get the results you want. The brief should outline whom the communication is intended for, the purpose of the communication and the key message you would like it to convey.

Is the work consistent with your brand?

Strong branding gives customers a firm idea of what they are buying into and makes your organisation instantly recognisable. Any inconsistency in the use of your logo, colours or tone of voice will dilute the uniqueness of your offer.

Will it appeal to the target audience?

If your buyer does not identify with the campaign, it will not succeed. When evaluating creative work, put yourself in the position of a target customer. Does the work sell the benefits of your offer clearly and concisely? Does the work appeal to the buyer’s emotional side? Will the buyer like the images/colours/concept?

Is the work focused?

A single creative piece cannot say everything there is to say about your business. Communications must be simple and focused on one key message. This will create greater impact and ensure you do not confuse your audience.

Is the message compelling?

Is this the most powerful message you can communicate based on the campaign objective? Will the design or copy engage and rouse your target audience? Will the call to action persuade them to act or buy?

Are you happy for your business to be represented by this communication?

Marketing collateral introduces potential customers to your business and creates that all-important first impression. If there is anything about the work that makes you feel uneasy, then perhaps a safer option is preferable.

Do you like it?

No one knows your business, industry or buyer better than you do. If you do not like the work presented, it’s unlikely your customers will either. A decent agency or consultant will produce a variety of options to choose from, but do not be afraid to ask for new ideas or changes.

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