Even though you may not feel it, there are some little things you can do that will project an aura of confidence to those around you.

Stand up straighter
When you’re hunched over, you can project defeat, low self-esteem and negativity. Good posture, on the other hand, sends the message that you are in control and are confident. To improve your posture, pay attention to these three things:

1. Stand up as tall as you can, like you’re reaching for the ceiling with the top of your head
2. Pull your shoulder blades back
3. Raise your chin and look straight ahead

Making these three simple corrections will work wonders for improving your body language and immediately project confidence within seconds.

If we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, our faces can become tight and we can even begin to frown. This expression can project the image of someone who is not in control, is overwhelmed or unhappy. A person who smiles, on the other hand, appears at ease with the situation.

Slow down your speech
It’s no secret that most people hate public speaking. When we’re put in a situation where we fear what people think of us, we can begin speaking at a faster pace and with a higher pitch. Instead, try to practise slowing down your speech, pausing and remembering to breathe. If you can fool others into believing you’re relaxed, you just might come to feel it yourself too!

Make eye contact
A confident person is not afraid to look others directly in the eyes, whereas someone who is not confident can have difficulty maintaining eye contact. The next time you have an interaction with somebody, try to practise making sustained, direct eye contact, even if you feel nervous.

Try to be open to new situations
Instead of engaging in negative-talk, when you’re placed in a new situation that might normally make you uncomfortable and cause anxiety, try to be more open and positive instead. Try not to over-analyse situations, which can make you appear awkward. When you’re surrounded by large groups of people, make an effort to approach others and ask lots of questions. Shifting the focus from you to the other person you’re speaking to has two benefits: it will make the other person feel important and you won’t feel as if you’re at the centre of attention.

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