1. Make your Social Media personal

It’s all about customer service. Why not showcase how good your customer service is by praising individual staff or display customer feedback. Show your human side with team photos. Get your staff to share why they love working for the company.

2. Use campaign hashtags

Get people talking about your campaigns by using a hashtag

3. Include your customers

Why not showcase the work you have been doing for individual customers. Hold a fan of the week competition each week that engages your customers and encourages them to like and share. Include what your customers are saying, pick the best comments or posts and repost them.

4. A different angle on your product

Run a competition for the most inventive use of your product. Try and include your staff in this and get creative. Display photos of different scenarios, inspire people to try different things, mix it up with comical and practical.

5. Create a vote

This could be in many forms, voting for a favourite product, a new design, flavours, music, the list goes on. Why not ask a question and create a response, or turn the vote into a competition. Let people know when results are coming and create suspense.

6. Selfies

Whether you love or hate them, they are big news at the moment. Ask your audience to share photos of themselves using your product. Get your staff involved and make it fun!

7. Paid posts

With organic reach becoming more difficult to obtain why not mix up the delivery of your content with some paid options. Twitter ads offer a range of options from promoted tweets, trends, and accounts. Facebook also offer options along with LinkedIn et al. You need to find a balance because too many paid posts may put your social media followers off.

8. Give Shout-Outs

Let people know you care for them, personalised mentions will cement followers and encourage sharing and likes.

9. Create Competitions

Why not offer prizes to those sharing your content. This will broaden your audience and raise awareness for your brand.

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