Which one would it be? It’s fun to consider, but there’s also a serious side to the question.

Sometimes businesses can struggle to put into words what their brand is truly about. When this happens, thinking laterally may be the answer. Matching your brand with a colour can help you to uncover some of your brand values.

Let’s try a little experiment. Pick a colour that you automatically associate with your brand. Maybe it’s the primary colour in your palette. Or perhaps it’s nowhere to be found in your palette, but you feel it’s right.

Do you have it? Great. Now pop it to one side for a minute.

Now, let’s free associate on each of the following colours. What adjectives do you associate with each of them? Here are a few, but by all means add your own:

  • Red: Hot, fiery, dominant
  • Orange: Warm, sunny, unabashed
  • Yellow: Bright, attention-grabbing, cheerful
  • Green: Environmental, natural, alive
  • Blue: Cool, watery, serene
  • Purple: Regal, luxurious, magical
  • Black: Serious, sensible, modern
  • Brown: Earthy, traditional, unassuming
  • White: Pure, clean, simple

Now, look back to your original choice of colour for your business. Do those adjectives feel appropriate? If not, why not? Some brands can end up with a colour palette that reflects personal preference rather than business. Others may choose a colour for cultural reasons that aren’t recognisable in every market.

It’s absolutely fine to change your mind. Would you now pick another colour?

Thinking about your brand using colour theory can help you look at your brand with a fresh perspective. Use colour in a strategic way to complement the messages you’re trying to communicate.

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