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Is Your Brand Becoming Old Fashioned?

A brand is a very powerful thing. It can make us feel special, motivate us to spend more and set our expectations. A strong brand identity attracts people and encourages connections that can be nurtured. Like a lot of things, a brand has a shelf life. If your brand is becoming old fashioned, it could be time for an update. Here is our advice to get you started.


1) Does your brand have currency?

Before making changes to your brand, it is a good exercise to ask your target audience what they think of it right now. Distribute a survey that asks for feedback on the current brand and what it means to them. This insight will feed into the enhanced design and act as a benchmark for the updated branding. If results indicate brand currency is low (misrepresentative, unattractive, unknown) it could be time for quite a radical change. Use this knowledge to focus the brand development activity.

2) What do you want to say?

Your environment may be considerably different to when the initial brand identity was conceived. As a business expands or diversifies, its identity can get lost. Before a brand can be re-energised,the vision for it must be clear. For example, if the vision is to be a socially conscious brand, think about how the message can be supported by real action. People need to believe a brand is what it says it is.

3) How will you integrate the new design?

Once you have a clear feel for where you would like to take your brand, it is time to consider how an update will work. It is a good idea to make a list of all the brand-affected areas and prioritise customer-facing items. You may decide to update your website at the same time to reflect the new look. The implementation plan ensures activities are focused on bringing all areas up-to-date within a given time frame.

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