Everybody has heard the famous saying that a picture is worth a thousand words right? Well that works the same in business too, especially with regards to a logo.

A logo can be everything to a business. It is the stamp you put on everything, it is an identity and your own mark which should set you apart from the rest.

When you think of major firms such as Nike, your brain automatically associates the company with the tick, the same when you think of McDonald’s – the yellow M is immediately what comes into your head. This is the power your logo should have and what you should strive for when coming up with a design.

What makes a good logo?
  • Good research
  • Simplicity
  • Size
Good research

Don’t just come up with a logo on a whim. Find out what your clientele think and recognise about your product or business. Use that advice to come up with something which will capture their imagination and that of other potential customers.


The best logos are the simplest ones. Don’t go overboard looking to impress. Keep things simple. Remember your logo will be printed in various sizes so the less you include the better it will look. Avoid using too many colours as that can have a negative effect, and make sure the font you use is bold and clean.


Produce your logo in the smallest form. Make sure it isn’t blurred or smudged and then see how it looks in the bigger sizes. The last thing you want is a logo that looks fantastic in big sizes but is spoiled when it is shrunk or adapted.

Be creative

A successful logo should ultimately encompass your business and relate to both your employees and customer base. It should have a connection to the values of your business for the best impact – so make sure you embody and exemplify your logo to fit.

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