We’re delighted to have been working with Lucid CX in Hewish. Lucid CX provides smart support for all kinds of complex devices – not just phones, tablets and laptops, but all manner of home appliances.

As you might imagine, Lucid CX operates in a complex environment. Working across telecoms, manufacturing, retail, finance and distribution, they cover the entire customer journey. All the way from pre-purchase (“where’s my nearest store?”) through to the really esoteric (“is your company ethical?”). They market their service as a series of product offerings and that’s where Bob comes in. We were tasked with clarifying their communications and designing a clear and concise set of product sheets.

Since initial discussions, our copywriter has worked with Lucid CX to craft the language. We have created a set of written pieces to pull out the essential details of the service, highlight the benefits of the products and prompt action from the client. Our team has got busy using the new copy to design a range of engaging product sheets. These are grouped as a main overview sheet, providing an introduction to Lucid CX and a secondary set of interchangeable product sheets. This flexible approach will allow Lucid CX to tailor their sales literature to suit each client.

We’re looking forward to seeing the new designs put to use early in the new year.

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