Accessing the internet on mobile has become big business. The speed of the rise in mobile traffic in recent years doesn’t look like it’s about to slow down, and it’s now imperative to make sure your mobile strategy corresponds with your web strategy in general.


Put simply, literally nobody can afford to avoid the question of mobile these days, and as our article on responsive design shows, there is more than one reason to make the most out of the opportunities mobile design provides.

1. Give people a reason to buy
Conversion rates are an excellent reason to up your mobile strategy and make your product available on a wide range of platforms. You may miss out on vital purchasing opportunities if someone is interested in your product but can’t buy it unless they’re in front of a computer or laptop. Mobile commerce is rising in importance – make sure you put your business in a position to market the availability of your mobile store and be proactive in how you go about this.

2. Make it look good
It’s no secret that people are attracted and drawn to companies that pay attention to style, design and amazing user experience. However, this doesn’t have to be confined to the limits of large screens or laptops – integrate the same design language into your mobile strategy and you’ll be on to a winner. It’ll also mean people are more inclined to not only browse to your web store next time they’re on their mobile, but buy from it too.

3. Web optimisation
Mobile is now categorically linked to SEO – and Google have been keen to stress this in recent months. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to panic and get a mobile website set up at all costs, but think of it as an extension of your overall web strategy. You’ll get an optimisation boost with the right mobile strategy, and this is only likely to continue increasing in importance as search engines are putting usability and UX at the centre of their philosophy.

4. It’s not as expensive as you’d think
There are many ways of getting around the issue of mobile, and many are not as drastic or expensive as you might think. They also rarely require a full site redesign – the rise in popularity of responsive design has meant that many people can keep the same layout, design, typography and logos as the existing design. Responsive design also has the benefit of retaining the same look and feel of your original website – keeping the best bits and leaving anything out that would be unnecessary on a smaller screen.

5. Better social interaction
It’s now commonplace for people to access a variety of social media primarily on portable devices – so it makes sense to engage with that mobile audience as best you can. Providing social login buttons that are usable on mobile is one way of doing this – give people easy share buttons for products on your mobile site and make sure you make it easy for them. Having a well thought out mobile strategy is a great way to increase your social presence no matter which platforms you’re using.

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