Bob has recently worked with Manx Tomkinson to launch a new mailer pack for their consumer carpet sampling. Potential customers order samples they are interested in online and then Manx package and mail them out. As such, the packs are an important touchpoint in the customer journey. The pack design has a key role in insuring good conversion rates from the initial customer sample order through to final sales. The existing arrangement of mailing the samples in simple envelopes with branded labels was failing to engage the consumer sufficiently.

Our new design utilises a flexible wallet style design. The pack showcases the Manx product in a mood board style arrangement of carpet samples, colour swatches and visual materials to represent the design processes and choices the consumer is making along their buying journey. The mechanics of the pack, with multiple crease points allows the pack to expand or contract to hold the samples – an important consideration as the customer can order anything from one to five samples. A QR code and call to action encourages the next step in the sales process.

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